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We have made a guide where we will explain how to get Link's outfit in Stardew Valley.

How to get Link's outfit in Stardew Valley?

The most recent update of Stardew Valley has brought with it a number of interesting tasks, for this reason, today we will explain how to get Link's outfit in Stardew Valley, and this game is full of different combinations of outfits and headdresses, but only one bears a striking resemblance to the iconic green robe and that Link knows from The Legend of Zelda.

How to get Link's tunic in Stardew Valley?

Link's suit in Stardew Valley comes in three pieces, the green tunic is perfect for adventurers. It can be sewn by combining the fabric with the ancient sword using a sewing machine. The Ancient Sword is the most difficult item in the set and may take some time to find. The ancient sword is not a weapon but an artifact that we can find in artifact locations, treasure chests or artifact treasures.

Artifact Treasures are similar to Artifact Geodes and are a great way to get all kinds of artifacts that we may not have yet. It is possible to purchase from Desert Trader in exchange for 5 Omni Geodes. However, the contents of the Artifact Hoard are random, so this may not be the most reliable way to find the ancient sword you are looking for. The main way to find artifacts is by excavating artifact sites in the valley. If we see three worms sticking out of the ground, it is a clear sign that something is usually hiding beneath them. In this case, we will use the beak or beak to hit the worm and get the object.

We have the possibility of finding artifact points throughout Pelican Town, but if we are looking for ancient swords, we must stay in Cindersap Forest or in the Highlands, since these are the only two places where ancient swords appear.

How to get Link's hat in Stardew Valley?

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Link's hat, also known as the dwarf hat in Stardew Valley, is a little harder to find. It is possible to purchase it from Hat Rat at the bottom of Sindersap Forest after crafting all in-game items and achieving the Master Craftsman achievement. Becoming a master craftsman is not easy, and it is even more difficult because there is no list of items he has created and items he has not yet created. However, there is an indirect way to find out in the settings.

On the Menu Options tab, we select the Show additional manufacturing information check box. This will allow us to hover over any item in the crafting menu and see how many times that item has been created in the past. If there is no value there, we haven't created the item yet. After becoming a champion, we will go to the Hat Rat store and buy a gnome hat for 5000 gold.

How to get a short link in Stardew Valley?

We continue talking about How to get Link's outfit in Stardew Valley and the last outfit we need to recreate the iconic look are the shorts. These can be shorts, pants or even a skirt if we wish. The only thing we need to make the underwear we have chosen look perfect is a little clay.

Our decision to wear long or short pants will depend on which version of Link we want to emulate. If we want to make shorts, it is possible to make them with fabric and grapes, berries, melons or hot peppers. On the contrary, if we are looking for pants, we can do so by combining the fabric with melon pulp, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries or wild plums.

Once the base is ready, we will go through the clay sewing machine one more time. This will give us a brown color. It is possible to repeat the dyeing process as many times as necessary to obtain the perfect brown color to match the sleeves of our green ao dai.

Now that you know how to get Link's outfit in Stardew Valley, you can embark on this quest, follow our steps, and you will be able to quickly access this outfit.

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