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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get a frozen tear in Stardew Valley.

Within the world of Stardew Valley you can find a large number of items to collect and one of these is the Frozen Tear.

It is important to note that although some objects tend to be easier to find, today's item can be a bit elusive, so you will need to put everything you have into getting it.

Remember that having the Frozen Tear has many uses that you can exploit as you progress through the game's story, so if you want to know how to get one of these incredible items, keep reading!

How to get a Frozen Tear in Stardew Valley

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Obtaining Frozen Tears:

  • Mining: Frozen Tears have a chance of appearing as ground foraged items within the Mines, specifically between Floors 40 and 79. 
  • Geodes: Cracking open Frozen Geodes and Omni Geodes can yield Frozen Tears. 
  • Fishing: Frozen Tears have a modest chance (4%) of appearing within Fishing Treasure Chests. 
  • Panning: While less common, there's a possibility of finding Frozen Tears through panning.
  • Animal Husbandry: Maintaining an Ice Pip Fish Pond with a population of nine fish can produce Frozen Tears as a reward.
  • The Wizard: Building a positive rapport with the Wizard can lead to him sending Frozen Tears through the mail.
  • Miscellaneous: After reaching the bottom of the Mines, there's a slight chance of finding Frozen Tears within garbage cans.

Utilizing Frozen Tears:

  • Gifting: Most Stardew Valley villagers appreciate Frozen Tears as gifts, making them a versatile choice for building relationships. However, it's important to note that a small number of villagers dislike them.
  • Crafting: Frozen Tears play a crucial role in crafting the Warrior Ring, which imbues the wearer with enhanced combat prowess. Additionally, they can be used to create a Dark Jacket at the Sewing Machine and serve as a cyan dye for clothing and other dyeable items.
  • Bundles & Requests: Frozen Tears are required for completing Geologist's Bundles and may occasionally appear as a request on the "Help Wanted" board outside Pierre's General Store.

Additional Considerations:

While not particularly valuable for selling (ranging from 75 to 97 Gold depending on the Gemologist profession), Frozen Tears' diverse applications make them a worthwhile resource to acquire.

This is everything you need to know about How to get a frozen tear in Stardew Valley, we hope that this guide has been helpful to you and you can find this special element more quickly and easily, while you enjoy the wonderful experiences that the game offers you. 

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