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Do you want to know where to find the essence of emptiness in Stardew Valley? Here we have everything you need to know about it.

What is the essence of Stardew Valley vacuum?

It is an element that you will need for some recipes and to complete the mission of the dark reagent and here we will tell you where to find the essence of the void.

Where to find the essence of emptiness in Stardew Valley?

To find this element, you need to find and hunt various types of monsters in the game, which you can find in various places, this will allow you to obtain the essence.

You can find the monsters inside the mines, down to level 80 to 119, where you can find the shamans of the shadows and brutes, monsters that hide here and that will allow you to obtain the essence, hopefully, since not always falls off.

You can also hunt enchanted skulls, and hopefully they will drop essence.
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Another type of monster is snakes, which are on all floors and almost certainly drop essence.

The last way to get scent is by getting one pound of empty salmon to reach a population of eight, so that the pound starts producing 5 to 10 empty scents each day.

Another way to obtain Essence is by purchasing it from a specific NPC called Krobus, who is inside the sewers. Just keep in mind that in order to enter the sewers, you need a rusty key, which you can obtain by donating 60 items to the Museum.

When you have the key you can access the sewers and find Krobus somewhere near the entrance, you can buy essence for 100g every day and other items.

That's all you need to know about where to find the essence of the void in Stardew Valley, and now that you know, we hope you can get it quickly and be able to use it in everything you need.

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