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With our Stardew Valley guide, you will learn more about How to grow honey.

What to know about the honey in Stardew Valley?

It is a form of cultivation that offers us great profitability, only that it requires a construction of bee houses to carry out this process, which is more than one of the many tools that helps us progress in the game, now To know how to grow honey you just have to closely follow the details of this guide that are presented below.

How to grow honey in Stardew Valley?

There are a few important things to consider when it comes to how to grow honey in Stardew Valley and these are as follows:

The construction of a bee house: when we reach level 3 of our farm we will have this construction option available, then we consider the necessary materials such as 40 woods, 8 coals, 1 iron bar and 1 maple syrup, having The house is ready in terms of How to grow honey in Stardew Valley, we are going to place it in any place that is shown outside, being this in the farm, the forest or the quarry, what will happen is the production of honey for every 3 to 4 days For any season, taking out the winter, if we put them in the greenhouse there will be no production of honey.

Flowers and types of honey: in relation to How to grow honey, it should be noted that if there are no flowers in the house of the bees, the honey produced is wild, which is 100g, while with the profession of artisan we have to be of 140g, the importance of the flowers is that the type of honey will be changed, being at level 10 for agriculture in the profession, the values ​​will be increased by 40 percent for crafts, resulting in:

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    • Spring flowers: tulip honey from 160g to 224g and Jazz Azul from 200g to 280g.
    • Summer flowers: sunflower honey from 260g to 364g, esparto honey from 280g to 392g and poppy honey from 380g to 532g
    • Autumn flowers: sunflower honey from 260g to 364g and rose honey from 680g to 952g

    By means of the flowers that are grown starting from wild seeds, such as sweet peas and daffodils, they do not become factors of alteration of the type of honey, with this wild honey is produced in the bee houses that we have in the surroundings.

    The use of honey: selling turns out to be the best option for using honey in Stardew Valley, but we can also use them to make other objects and gifts, making the most of this resource.

    The mead: this is the result of putting the honey in a barrel, being the payment for the basic quality of 200g, if this honey gets to age in the barrel, its quality and therefore its value can be improved, being the normal of 200 280g to 280g, 250g silver 350g, 300g gold 420ge 400g iridium 560g, now it is important to consider the type of honey we are using is not a determining factor in any of this, we just have to highlight the use wild honey we will add a much higher profit.

    Crafts and packages: honey is certainly not presented in any recipe for cooking, but we can use it in the creation of a warp totem that requires 1 hardwood and 20 fibers, we will be able to use it at any time and place for the teleportation to the farm, is one of the interesting options for honey.

    Giving: among the gift options there is also honey, it is one of the best for the villagers, which will allow them to win their friendship, but in the case of Maru and Sebastián they go beyond the interest in honey, our focus for this We have the option in wild honey, which leads to having the ideal object to accumulate for our friends and lovers, alcohol can also be linked to honey, this version pleases Pam and Willy, apart from the villagers also in their Most of them should be rid of this gift to children.

    Knowing how to grow honey is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Stardew Valley.

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