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Stardew Valley 1.4: All Events and Quests

2019-12-03 09:56:12

Then we prepare for you a Stardew Valley 1.4 guide where we present all events and quests that are available.

The note about the loss of a necklace by the bathroom area, is the trigger for this update, where only monsters fall, which we found at the top of the map, because in the bathhouse we can see that there is a pool , in which a waterfall flows, to which we will approach to take the collar with a fishing rod and in this way be able to give it to Abigail, with whom we have some short conversation, which allows us to be able to focus directly on our objective which It is based on finding all events and quests that are available.

What is the first event we encountered in Stardew Valley 1.4?

The first event corresponds to the Joja team, because to bequeath here we must focus on the new update of the club, which corresponds to a value of 500,000 gold coins which will be implemented to build a cinema, once done we know that we start off on the right foot All events and missions.

What is the second note that is part of all events and quests in Stardew Valley 1.4?

For this second event we start with a note that tells us that Junimo is installed in abandoned and old places, this note is also incorporated in the update, in the Joja store, which is abandoned, after reading this note it is necessary to execute a Good choice, because if we go the way of the right thing, the ideal will be to rebuild the club, so the Joja supermarket will simply be the one that is finally abandoned, because here we have a knot that we can enter, since this is It is at our absolute disposal after a lightning strike has fallen, which broke the door, in the middle of a storm, so we can enter the following knot:

  • 5 old fruits that are of gold quality.
  • Black caviar.
  • Dinosaur Egg.
  • Mayonnaise - rainbow.
  • Salmon moose that is of gold quality.
  • Wine which is of silver quality.

These ingredients can be obtained in easy ways and others not so much, in the case of wine, vacuum salmon, they are easy elements, since to achieve them it is necessary to follow the instructions of the magician who is trapped in the witch's cabin, On the other hand, in the case of the rainbow and mayonnaise fragment, the way to obtain them is when we obtain the ancient treasure, although it is not necessarily necessary to obtain them, since they have been included in the update where we can buy them from Torgovka in the desert. As for the black caviar still been investigating because so far I have not found any way to obtain it, in any case if someone knows how to find it, write me, since it is a very important element, which is included in this recipe that opens up to all events and missions.

When we have finally filled the node, we have the possibility of executing a dialogue and a cut scene with hearts of new Carolina which allows us to get a recipe, which leads us through the acquisition of the 5 hearts, which we can get in Pierre's shop, so all we will do here is enter the kitchen through the door, so that the next day we can opt for the seedling recipe.

How to get the cut scene with Jas and Vincent in Stardew Valley 1.4?

It is highly probable that this scene of the cut with Jas and Vincent 5 times the cost of the onion - batun, has been seen in the previous version of the game m although it really came out after the update, to access this scene 5 Hearts, with each of the children, then we will have to go to the forest, exactly to the Marnie Ranch, because that is where we get the whole scene.

Where to find the garbage bear in Stardew Valley 1.4?

The garbage bear is also part of all events and missions, so it is important to find it, but for this we need 5 items, which can be obtained randomly, these elements are:

  • 2 wild plants.
  • 2 random dishes.
  • 1 fish.

Once we have all these elements we can get the bear in the forest sitting in a sewer.

What is the last event we need to complete in Stardew Valley 1.4?

This is the last scene with which we are in this expansion for this we need each of the spouses which are quite different, because this allows us to raise the relationship to 14, and thus be able to activate the cut scene, Well, this presents us with a landscape that is quite relevant for Abigail, because at the top of Robin's carpentry, you can visualize, because with this you can finally close all events and quests.

In general terms, completing all events and quests takes us through the best option throughout this update in Stardew Valley 1.4

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