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2020-11-12 09:57:42

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The skins are simply interesting in Spider-Man Miles Morales, so today we tell you how to get the Bodega cat suit

What is Bodega's cat suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

This is a suit that we can count on in this game, since the possibility of changing the style can become an interesting detail, normally we would say that it is something rare since the normal thing is the spider-man suit, but this is a change that It is favorable, in addition to being part of the 19 costumes that are available, only this cat costume is usually a little more attractive than the others.

How to get Bodega's cat suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

To get this costume it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

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  • The suit is only available when we manage to finish the main story.
  • It is necessary to speak completed the 16 missions.
  • Another necessary requirement is to get the Spider-Man application from the Friendly Neighborhood, in Activities.
  • It is necessary to participate and finish the secondary mission called Cat Pajamas.
  • To find this cat suit it is necessary to have fulfilled the previous requirements and go to the winery.
  • This suit can be used in cleaning map icons when we complete the game.

The cat is an animated called Spiderman and usually helps us in the battle, because this feline boy usually gets out of the backpack in order to hit the enemy in the head, in such a way that as soon as we see the finisher and it usually does the crown jewel costume.

Definitely, Spider-Man Miles Morales has come to have a lot of fun and knowing How to get the Bodega cat suit is one of those eye-catching outfits that we can wear.

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