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2020-11-12 09:40:46

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The arrival of Spider-Man Miles Morales allows us to be active and therefore it is necessary to know all the camouflage skills, let's see

What are cloaking skills in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

As we get into the campaign we realize that it is necessary to choose to make use of skills where to beat the enemies is simply necessary and this makes us involved in camouflage skills since it is an option to overcome, these are highly valuable when we must be stealthy, especially because it offers us the possibility of becoming invisible, during some segments of the campaign, in such a way that somehow we manage to win.

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Next we leave you a list of the camouflage skills, we are going to place it in their respective level order and these are:

Hidden presence.

This requires 1 point of camouflage skill, it is necessary to reach level 7, it has a cost of 20 percent of energy to recharge.

Measured response.

You need 1 point of cloaking skill, have reached level 7 and this has a fairly low cost of energy.

Invisible hit.

This requires 1 skill point when we manage to defeat an enemy using poison attacks, in addition to reaching the minimum of level 8 and has no energy cost.

You will never see it coming.

This camouflage skill requires 1 skill point EL Poison Strike, using it can cause extra damage, it is necessary to reach level 12.

Patient spider.

This ability requires 1 skill points. It increases the maximum amount of Camouflage Energy, it is necessary to reach level 13 to achieve it, and it allows us to have the possibility of remaining invisible for a long time.

Cocoon bomb.

It is necessary to have a camouflage skill point, we must reach level 13 and to use it it is necessary to press L1 R1 which allows us to shoot down stealthy enemies in cocoons to make them fall to the ground and in this way they weave a net. quite close to other enemies.

Blinding light.

This camouflage ability requires us to have a skill point, it is possible to achieve it when we reach level 14, we can use it to reveal and stun the enemies that surround us in such a way that it is only necessary to choose to hold down L3 R3.

Invisible Force.

It does not require any skill point while we are camouflaged, it is ideal for a new game, which is feasible since it usually generates a combo point for each attack where it has been used, since the combo counter does not usually reset.

Definitely knowing results are all cloaking skills puts us with points of advantage over our enemies-Man Miles Morales, so go ahead and give it a try.

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