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Guide to learn how to break walls in Spider-Man Miles Morales

 Marvel fans have kept an eye out for the newest installment of Spider-Man Miles Morales available for PS4 and PS5 as players take control of Miles as he works to save New York City from some evil villains and in turn, of your neighborhood. The protagonist who is all about the young Miles Morales has a ton of nifty spider-man abilities under his belt, including some that can stealthily take out enemies while hanging on a wall. In this guide we will teach you how to break walls in the game.

How to break walls in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

When you're raiding some of Roxxon's labs or completing other side activities in your game, it just so happens that your bonus objective will assign you to perform a certain number of wall breakdowns.

There is also a trophy in Miles Morales called "Climbing the Walls" that requires you to do 25 wall takedowns. Essentially, you will need to know how to do this if you want the platinum trophy for the game.
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To achieve this, you must use the square button to eliminate enemies while crawling on a wall or other surface where the enemy can be trapped.

The best place to do this is one of the Roxxon labs we mentioned earlier, as they are inside buildings with four walls around them, making the task easy.

Crawl up to a wall and make sure it is high enough that enemies cannot see you and then wait until someone walks under you and then you will see a prompt telling you to press the Square button to perform a Wall Tear Down.

If you have trouble hiding from people and doing this stealthily, you can always use your cloaking ability and make yourself invisible by pressing the up button on the d-pad of your PlayStation controller.

An extra fact is that if you run into a wall and attack an enemy with the Triangle button, this is not the same as knocking down a wall and you will not complete the bonus objectives and you will not be closer to unlocking the trophy, so be very careful with that.

 Now that you know how to break down walls in Spider-Man Miles Morales you can get more bonus points if you manage to make these movements so iconic in the superhero industry. Luck!

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