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If you are wondering how to find all the flying duels in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, this article is for you, because it has you covered.

What are flying duels in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

This is about the closest you will get to witnessing a rap battle in the game and there are tons of places where you can show your lyrical prowess in the game and many places where you can fly. That's why we will tell you how to find all the flying duels.

How to find all the flying duels in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

The first battle in Fornburg is against Alvis, Eivor's flight mentor, who will prepare you in everything you should and shouldn't do. To access this battle you will have to approach the drinking challenge marked by two horns on the map and look for a sandwich nearby. Make sure to use short, direct rhymes.

Below we list all the characters and the locations where you can return to them:
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  • Thor - Asgard.
  • Ratatosk - Jotunheim.
  • Manning, wolf fighter - Stavanger, Rygjafylke.
  • Chadwick, gossip dealer - Northwic, East Anglia.
  • Lady Ellette - Colcestre, Essexe.
  • Acolyte Alwin - Canterbury, Cent.
  • Jungulf - Repton, Ledecestrescire.
  • Fergal the Faceless - Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire.
  • Stigr the Loving - Hemthorpe, Snotinghamscire.
  • Fenn the Nostalgic - north of Wincestre, Hamtunscire.
  • Augusta la Alegre: near the southwest fast travel point in Lunden.
  • Hertha the Most High - Jorvik.
  • Hogg the Bigger - Oxeneforda, Oxenefordscire.
  • Ove the Scarred - Quatford, Sciropescire.
  • Borghild the Alewifes Bane - Picheringa, Eurvicscire.

Winning these battles will allow you to gain charisma and win the Slam Master trophy.

  That's all you have to know if you were wondering how to find all the flying duels in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, we hope that now that you know, you will be able to complete all the duels as quickly as possible.

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