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2020-11-19 08:24:59

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  • The Supply Eye Viewer Mods requires 10 coins and 1 technical part, which will increase the speed at which the gadget's ammo is obtained.
  • The Perfect Sight Visor Mods requires 14 coins and 2 technical pieces, with which we will see an increase in evasion.
  • The Mods of the optical triangulation has a requirement of 8 coins, obtaining with this the scan with which the enemies will be marked through the walls allowing the stealth mode to be activated.
  • The Eye Mods at the target level requires that we be at level 10 and 10 coins, allowing an enemy to be connected by a line with the others to be seen at this moment.
  • The Mods of the eyes in the neck, has the requirements that we have level 10, 14 coins and 3 technical pieces with which the camouflage will be activated instantly automatically in those stealth encounters before it becomes detected.
  • The residual poison Mods have a requirement of level 10 and 11 coins so that once a poisonous attack is made, it becomes visible and ends up being absorbed on contact so that this kind of attack increases its power.
  • The Phantom Attack Mods require the crimson hooded suit resulting in deafness on enemies instantly when we are camouflaged, where hits from the web will not be able to hear.
  • Non-traceable Mods require that we have the T.R.A.C.K. allowing 25 percent less damage from ranged attacks.
  • The Master of Deception Mods requires the vision suit of the Brooklyn Academy, managing to obtain a bonus of poisonous power through aerial tricks.
  • The threat sensor Mods require a new game, achieving a slowdown in a short time by being able to dodge perfectly
  • The Mods BAM! POW! WHAM! It requires the Spider Verseo suit, achieving with this that those sound effects of a combat in a different land are seen.
  • The Venom Overclock Mods requires the S.T.R.I.K.E. taking this during a health drop poisonous energy increased.
  • The Mods claim requires the purple reign suit, achieving with this that the ammunition of a device is replaced once during a melee with an enemy we make a stealthy dismantling.

Finally, now that we are up to speed on How to use all
visor Mods, let the fun continue on Spider-Man Miles Morales.

PlayStation 5 PS5, PlayStation 4 PS4
Insomniac Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Store
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November 12, 2020
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