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Space Haven: Trading guide

2020-05-28 10:34:41

If you are looking for an understanding of How to trade in Space Haven it is excellent because all the details will be covered in this place.

What do you know about trading in Space Haven?

Throughout this incredible adventure we will find so many possibilities including trade, we are certainly the only ones in space, so there are some who have to want to harm us but it is also possible to commercialize resources of vital importance to our survival with other ships, this means that we need to have an idea of how to trade and to do this this guide brings all the content to consider.

How to trade in Space Haven?

Trade is actually something very easy to do when we reach certain stages in the game, when we are in full construction of the space station, thus having new facilities, technologies and even objects that require our ship, the operations station we gives access to establish communication with other ships, be they friends or neutrals with whom we will come to meet, there are some resources of vital importance for the construction and our crew, being seen the number in the menu of the chosen station in terms of construction , by rescuing and exploring those abandoned ships, we may obtain the necessary resources, in relation to the skills of our crew, we can verify them by clicking on them.

Having the components we need and the members of the crew, we choose the construction of the operations station, upon completion we will automatically have access to communications between those friendly ships we pass through and accessing the option of exchanges, by through the dialogue menus, accessing a menu that presents the list of resources that are necessary for us and also those that we are going to offer in exchange, but considering that some of the resources are worth more than others, which puts us in the need to be very attentive to these details when the ships offer for the resources that we possess before we spend our money instead of these resources that the other ships involved in an exchange require.

 So we finish our guide on How to trade, hoping that it will be very useful to improve in Space Haven, a very busy game.

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