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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-02 14:46:24

For today, we bring a Slime Rancher guide, and it is only with the objective of indicating where to find crystal slimes.

What are crystal slimes in Slime Rancher?

It is a dangerous variation of the slimes, being possible to locate them in Sime Rancher and that they have a necessary role in our progress in the game, now it is necessary to understand where to find crystal slimes and for that purpose the explanatory content of this guide and that can be seen with the following details.

Where to find crystal slimes in Slime Rancher?

Inside the Añil quarry is the crystal volcano that we must visit in order to find crystal slime, taking into account a total of 3 entrances to the volcano near the slime pond, we will go through any of these to reach the end of the cave where we will find the silts, a place that can also provide us with the silts is an island that is on the coast of the indigo quarry, which is called the island of ash, when exploring it deeply we will get crystal silts, it is important to consider prior to the search that we are talking about the slimes that are most dangerous in the whole game, capable of killing us instantly, no matter how much we have improved our health.

These crystal slimes are found in large areas of the ground, and if we shake them when we are close, the creation of these will be increased, but we can avoid this if we manage to spray the areas and crystal slimes with water, achieving that at least for 20 seconds we can take or harvest them, the speed of them can be limited if we use a music box, it is an improvement that has a cost of 350 newbucks that works like a slime pen.

 We can conclude this Slime Rancher guide, because in this way you have the necessary guidelines, and you can enter the search for where to find crystal slimes, good luck.

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