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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-02 14:53:49

More about: Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program brings us interesting tasks, let's see How to Ship Items to planets.

What is the shipment of Items to planets in Dyson Sphere Program?

It is something that is part of the logistics research in the game, which is of great importance to access the planetary logistics station, certainly there are many planets that we will get to explore throughout this adventure to harvest resources. That we cannot return to the planets of origin, it is normal that it is a question to know how to send articles to planets and for the necessary answers we have the details that come right now, let's see.
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How to Ship Items to planets in Dyson Sphere Program?

With logistics drones we have the possibility of transporting materials from one station to another on the same planet, only that we must reach a certain level for the element technology, from one planet to another for this option it is not possible, so to solve How to Ship Items to planets will go through the fact of the construction of the interstellar logistics system and the materials for it are an electromagnetic matrix x1200, energy matrix x1200 and structure matrix x1200, when the investigation is complete we can access the interstellar logistics station now the logistics ship, which is it would help us in shipping items to planets in Dyson Sphere Program.

Now it is necessary to create an interstellar logistics station on our home planet to move the items between planets, then it is important that for the support of the system we have enough energy, moving on to the creation of the logistics ship to fill the station With these, counting that there are 5 slots available in our station to establish supply and demand, our planet has resources from the galaxy's solar system, for the request for resources from another planet we will click on the empty slot, and we have to do the choice of what is required, so on the right we give the remote supply to change it to remote demand.

Once we do it and such resources become available, the ships will be commissioned to take them from the tower, they will not go for them unless they are found to collect at least 200 resources, certainly for the trip to another planet it is vital That you have a configuration of 4 stations to configure the second, which is something simple, we just have to build the tower and in this put belts with the resource to be exported, then we can access the station menu, and we give it in a slot empty, we choose the resource to send to another planet keeping the local and remote supply settings, now when the station has all the resources, and we load, we have to leave our planet to collect them.

 This is basically everything we can tell you about How to Ship Items to planets, we hope that with this guide you can get around more easily in Dyson Sphere Program.

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