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Assassin's Creed Valhalla has managed to occupy us a good time and this allows us to pause to tell you how to activate the statue with 3 slits

What is the 3-slit statue in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

 This is simply a statue to which it will be necessary to equip, because before entering our task itself, which consists of knowing how to activate the statue with 3 slits, it is necessary to obtain a total of 3 daggers, also that this is a task that usually be done in East Anglia.

How to activate the statue with 3 slits in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

 To activate it, it is necessary to have a total of 3 special daggers, since they are those of powerful enemies and for this it is necessary to take care of taking a look at the history of Lerion, who has a rather tragic history and his daughters have simply given themselves to the task of seeking a kind of revenge, to carry out this task it is necessary:

 To locate to the northeast of Granbridgescire to the north of the island Ely in order to find the first daughter of Lerion, this is called Goneril and fighting her is somewhat complicated, it has a power of 90, it is quite skill which makes us proceed with caution, He also has the magic of poison on his side, for this it is vital to have the ability "brush of death and impalement with harpoon", with these skills there is the possibility of counteracting it causing damage when thrown against the wall and in this way getting :

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  • Goneril's dagger.
  • Thor's breeches.

 Then we must go for her second daughter who is in East Anglia specifically in Walsham Crag where Regan has her house, this is perhaps more dangerous than Goneril herself, because she has a power of 160, however, we can apply the same strategies used to the previous sister, taking into account to be careful with the fire magic that it usually possesses, once it has been defeated it is possible to get:

  •  Regan's dagger.
  • Thor's battle plate.

 The third is to the northeast of Theotford where Cordelia is staying, this is the most dangerous of the three sisters, to attack her it is vital to use the "brush with death", also for this point we have some movements that can be applied considering that this Lerion's daughter has a power level of 340. Once she has been defeated we get:

  • Cordelia's dagger.
  • Thor's gauntlets.

 With these defeats it is necessary to go to where the statue is and proceed to activate it with the three daggers obtained, also this allows us to get Thor's helmet and end one more task in this game.

With this we put an end to our guide on How to activate the statue with 3 slits, because it is a battle where defeating the sisters arises as a necessary objective in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, try it.

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