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2021-02-01 18:04:41

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The creation in Minecraft does not stop and that is why today we take some time to tell you how to Craft a Lead.

What is a Minecraft Lead?

In order to stop passive mobs, utility mobs, hoglins and zoglins, we have that the Lead consists of harnesses to reach the capture of the animals, this by means of ties to trees, buildings, fences and more, which allows to keep them immobile, in short, there are many functions that knowing how to Craft a Lead will present us, so we must focus on what will be discussed in the following content.
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    How to Craft a Lead in Minecraft?

    We will be able to find the Lead through the chests or some NPCs, in the case of the chests as loot and the NPCs when killing them, in order to find the location of the chests we must obtain the clues in the forest mansion For all versions, while in the Bedrock version they will be buried, the possibilities of these tracks appearing are limited to a 30 percent possibility, now to Craft a Lead it is necessary to have the combination of rope and slime balls, for Through the spiders, cats and striders we obtain the rope by killing them, also with the help of the chests we can obtain it, such as those of the dungeons, the bastion, the bridge, the generic, the desert temple and more, passing to the balls of slime we have that by the fall of the dead slimes we obtain them, their location is in the swamps, even baby pandas can drop them at the moment of sneezing, by destroying a slimeblock we have another way to obtain it.

    What we will do now for the use of the Lead is to place it in the action bar and choose it, then we use the button to use it with the animal, the right click for the PC, the LT for Xbox, L2 for PlayStation and the ZL on Switch, In this way we will tie the animal when the Lead is tied from one end to the other in our hand, in the case of tying it to a block it is necessary that we work with a fence post, which prevents the animal from leaving the area, being necessary to have a leash in the hand and the animal at the other ends to later use the button of the tool for the block.

     In this sense, knowing how to Craft a Lead allows us to have the advantage of catching animals and in this way make Minecraft more interesting than it is, try it.

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