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One of the necessary tasks in Satisfactory is knowing how to use the save editor and here we will explain it to you.

 The save editor in this game has simply appeared at a time when it is simply vital, as we can use it for some mods, and although certain changes may be reflected, it is possible that these can be reflected in the best way, especially if We have some future updates in mind and although it may be a somewhat difficult task, it must be carried out.

How to install the save editor in Satisfactory?

Before knowing how to use the save editor it is necessary to take into account that it must be installed, for this it is necessary:


  •  Download the latest version, it is located in the releases section and is a .zip file of the active section.
  • When we have the file we need to consider opening the file through Winrar.
  • Then we proceed to open it to extract the content in a folder on our computer and go to this folder.

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How do I open a Save in editor in Satisfactory?


 As we have already downloaded the .zip file and installed it, we can see that there are a considerable number of files, but it will only be necessary to get one more and it is 'SatisfactorySaveEditor.exe', and proceed to open it, so that it leads us to the top of our screen where we will choose the file and open it, so that it opens a file explorer directly to the SaveGames folder that is in: C: UsersYOUR USERAppDataLocalFactoryGameSavedSaveGames.


 How to use the save editor in Satisfactory?


 It is necessary to pay close attention because for many it can become somewhat complex and this is due to:


  •  It is necessary to go to the bit of saved data, there we can explore the menus.
  • The basic edition of profile allows us to choose a file at the top of our screen and from there proceed to Jump to the label where it will be necessary to put the following text in the box: Persistent_Level: PersistentLevel.Char_Player_C_0.inventory
  • Our work to know how to use the save editor takes us to the inventory of characters that is located on the right side where we have the possibility of expanding minventoryStacks, there we are offered the opportunity to view the elements of our inventory and to change the ItemType and NumItems, because we will have some new objects in Satisfactory.
  • About to finish, we go to the top of the save editor, where it is possible to display some called Traps and select.
  • Dismantle dough.
  • Create box full of items to deliver to the player.
  • Unlock the full map.
  • Unlock Research.


 Liego of having chosen the option that we consider viable, we proceed to choose file and then save so that all the changes that we have executed can occur in a satisfactory way.

 This is all we know about How to use the save editor, because although it can get complex it is highly viable in Satisfactory.

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