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In Valorant weapons usually have a very interesting value for combat, let's see How to use the spike

What is the spike in Valorant?

To know how to use the spike it is necessary to take into account that this is nothing more than a weapon, of a particular good, since it has a certain similarity to a bomb, which is quite striking and adequate for some battles that we carry out especially having a greater effect when they are multiplayer games since it allows us to have more development especially considering the correct use, since it is necessary to master it.

How to use the spike in Valorant?

It is good to know that this spike is used in multiplayer combat, which leads us to make the decision in the first instance about who will carry the spike, as this depends in some way on the abilities of the players, which may include strategic methods and charges, because although this can be delivered at random, the ideal is that it is carried precisely by someone who is sufficiently prepared, and this because it is precisely the offending team who will drop this weapon.

With the spike it is necessary to consider that whoever receives it may probably not be willing to use it but to release it and for this it is only necessary to press G, because knowing How to use the spike is an activity that not everyone does, because one of the important things What we can achieve to achieve a victory in Valorant is precisely to plant a spike and defend it until it can explode, thus eliminating the opposing team.
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    How to plant and detonate a spike in Valorant?

    It is necessary to be very clear that knowing how to use the spike is actually going to depend on the place where it can be placed, because remember that it works like a bomb in Valorant and therefore there are some places marked on our map, to our advantage these are identified in yellow and with large letters such as AB or C.

    Planting the spike is not really a great job, since it is only a matter of placing it in the indicated places and for this you only have to press the number 4 key, and it is extremely fast, just a few seconds, because in the same way when it has been achieved placing also explodes fast only after 45 seconds, so either way it's a job that needs to be done as quickly as possible.

    It is necessary to be clear that this spike should be placed in Valorant in a strategic place, where it is possible for the enemies to get close, because knowing how to use the spike allows us to have a defense weapon, because only when the enemies manage to get close to where it is our spike we simply proceed to press the Z key to detonate it, that if we must be as precise as we can in Valorant, as a minimum failure and leads us to start absolutely the entire operation.

    How to disassemble the dowel in Valorant?

    Our job is to know how to use the spike and this implies the possibility of knowing how to disarm it, as this is something that we should normally know if this weapon is in the opposite hands and it is our duty to neutralize it, the detail is to do it as quickly as possible. You can because you remember that it is barely 45 seconds the time required for it to detonate, that is to say that there are more blows that it is possible to use against us but we require that our team cover us.

    The spike is a very interesting weapon and it is our job to disarm it in case of being on the opposite side, because this implies the need to know everything about it and knowing how to use the spike simply leads us to disarm it, this can be done by filling half from the progress bar at Valorant.

    What is the spike activity at Valorant?

    One of the things that is quite striking is the activity and it is necessary to know how to use the spike as this allows us to understand the activity of the spike, it is simply easy to know and can be used to support us in the activities to be carried out with the spike counting on 4 faxes and they are the following:

    • First phase: This involves the first 25 seconds, because in this period of time we will only hear every second on the part of the spike but nothing else will happen.
    • Second phase: This period of time may have a small alteration and the beeps usually increase somewhat more and it is the time of 25 to 35 seconds.
    • Third phase: The appearance of the spike can be altered a little and the beeps sound much faster up to 3 for every second within the time span of 35-40 seconds after being planted.
    • Fourth phase: This is the final stage that goes from 40 to 45 seconds, where it is possible to see that the sound of the beep grows louder until it explodes.

    How to attract enemies in Valorant?

    One of the most necessary things when knowing how to use the spike is to carry out teamwork, since it does not matter if we are in an offending or defending team, group work will determine if we succeed, what is relevant is to achieve attract our enemies, because it is ideal to plant any tactic that can bring them close enough, because the idea is to be prepared enough to defeat them, because as soon as they can see that we have planted the spike they choose to leave and this can make things for us and little simpler in Valorant.

     Either way, knowing how to use the spike simply puts us one step ahead of our team strategy at Valorant.

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