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For all those who are wondering how to play with friends in 51 Worldwide Games, we prepared this article by answering them.

What is 51 Worldwide Games.

This is the video game inspired by the classic type boxes full of boards and chips and that was released on June 5, 2020 for Nintendo Switch users exclusively and is made up of 51 classic games that you can easily access and an option 52 special that few know, which in our previous article we mentioned how to access.

The game gives you the possibility to play with friends and that is why here we will tell you how to do it easily.
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How to play with friends in 51 Worldwide Games.

The first way to play with friends is from the main menu, where we can access the options for Single system, Local game and Online.

The option that interests us is the one that says Online, which opens a new menu, from which you can select whether you want to Play with friends or Play with any other player who is not your friend, but a random player.

By pressing Play with friends you will have access to two options, Choose a Lobby and Create Lobby, which you will choose according to what you want to do.

The "Create Lobby" option, as its name indicates, will allow you to create a lobby with which you will play with your friend and you will be able to select which games they will play, otherwise the Choose a Lobby option.

While the "Choose a Lobby" option as its name indicates will allow you to choose a lobby created by your friend and he will be the one in control of the games that will be played.

 This is the end of our guide on how to play with friends in 51 Worldwide Games, we hope that it has been of the greatest possible use and now that you know how to play with your friends you can share in any of the games that this macro game has for us.

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