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Roblox: How to Fix An error occurred while starting Roblox

2020-12-04 08:40:34

The errors do not stop appearing in Roblox and this allows us to tell you How to solve an error when starting Roblox

What is the error when starting Roblox?

This is a failure that seems to be more associated with problems with servers or connectivity problems, however, it is not possible to rule out any problem on our side, so it is necessary to be open to all possibilities, what we can assure is that It is necessary to know how to solve an error when starting Roblox since this can become frustrating.

How to fix error starting Roblox

There are several solutions that we can perfectly apply and they are the following:
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    Restart our router: it is necessary to find out the router model that we have before proceeding to restart it since not knowing can cause the configuration to be lost, which includes passwords, once we have the necessary information we proceed to restart it and check that the error has been solved.

    Run as administrator / disable full-screen optimizations: this is another interesting option that may well serve us for which it is necessary:

    •  Right-click Roblox.
    • Then go to Properties.
    • Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
    • Proceed to check Run this program as administrator and Disable full-screen optimizations.
    • Then you need to click Apply.
    • To finish, click OK and that's it.


     Deactivate the antivirus and allow Roblox through controlled access: this usually occurs when we have antivirus software and for this, it is only necessary:

    •  Open the start menu to search for Protection against viruses and threats.
    • Then we press Enter to take us to Settings where we click Manage settings.
    • Proceed to disable protection services.
    • Then you need to choose back to click Manage ransomware protection.
    • Next, we press Allow an application through access to the controlled folder.
    • We proceed to click on Add an application.
    • Then it is necessary to navigate to find the Roblox .exe file to select it and that's it.


     Grant that Roblox passes the Firewall: this is another simple solution but it can be favorable and for this it is necessary:

    •  Open the start menu to search for Firewall and press Enter.
    • Then you need to click on Allow an application through….
    • We proceed to Change the configuration and from there go to Allow another application which leads us to Examine.
    • Next, you need to find the executable files for Roblox to place them here.
    • To finish we check both boxes and click OK.


     Reinstall the game: this is our last option and it usually occurs when we have exhausted the previous solutions and they have not paid off, as there is the possibility that some game files may be corrupted.

     Definitely, knowing how to fix an error when starting Roblox allows us to have the possibility to continue playing Roblox and thus not miss all the fun and entertainment that this game brings to everyone.

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