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Discover the secrets on How To Unlock Acrid Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our guide on how to unlock the Acrid Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns! Acrid, a Poisonous Chimera, can be a valuable addition to your roster. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of unlocking Acrid and adding them to your list of unlocked Survivors.Risk of Rain Returns is an exciting and challenging game that offers a variety of unique and powerful Survivors to play as. Acrid is one such Survivor, known for its poison-based attacks and abilities. Unlocking Acrid will not only give you access to a new and exciting playstyle but also increase your chances of surviving and progressing further in the game.

How To Unlock Acrid Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns

Step 1: Reach the Sunken Tombs

To begin the unlocking process, you'll need to make your way to the Sunken Tombs. This location can be found within the game world. The Sunken Tombs is a dark and treacherous place, filled with dangerous enemies and deadly traps. Explore and navigate carefully until you reach this area.

Step 2: Climb to the Top Right Section

Once you're in the Sunken Tombs, make your way towards the top right section. This is where you'll find Acrid's Container. The container is hidden away in a secluded spot, so you'll need to be thorough in your exploration. Take your time climbing and searching until you reach this specific spot.

Step 3: Complete the Teleporter Event

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To make the fight against Acrid easier, you will need to complete a Teleporter Event. Look for a teleporter within close proximity to Acrid's Container. The teleporter will be marked by a distinct glowing symbol, making it easier to locate. Activate the teleporter and prepare yourself for a challenging encounter.

The Teleporter Event will initiate a countdown, during which waves of enemies will spawn and attack you. Defeat these enemies to progress through the event. It's important to stay focused and eliminate threats quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Step 4: Unleash the Iconic Test Subject

After completing the Teleporter Event, return to Acrid's Container and interact with it. This will unleash the iconic Test Subject - Acrid! Be ready for a hostile encounter as Acrid will have a visible Health Bar at the top of your screen. Acrid's attacks are primarily poison-based, so be prepared to take damage over time.

Acrid is a formidable opponent, with a range of powerful abilities. It's important to stay mobile and avoid standing in one place for too long. Keep an eye on Acrid's movements and attack patterns, and use your own skills and weapons to deal damage. It may take some time and effort, but don't give up!

Step 5: Fight and Defeat Acrid

Engage in battle with Acrid and give it your all! Use your skills, weapons, and strategies to defeat him. Acrid will try to close the distance between you and attack with its deadly claws and poison spit. Take advantage of your own Survivor's unique abilities and equipment to gain an edge in the fight. Focus on dealing damage while also maintaining your own survivability.

It's important to note that Acrid has a high health pool, so the battle may be a lengthy one. Don't get discouraged if it takes multiple attempts to defeat him. With perseverance and skill, you will emerge victorious!

Step 6: Wait for Unlock Pop-up

Once you successfully defeat Acrid, keep an eye out for an "Unlock" pop-up notification. This indicates that you have completed the "Free the Chained Creature" Challenge. Congratulations! You're one step closer to unlocking Acrid as a playable Survivor.

Step 7: Acrid Joins Your Unlocked Survivors

At the end of your run, or if you choose to restart and return to the Sunken Tombs, Acrid will be added to your list of unlocked Survivors. Now, you can enjoy playing as this unique Poisonous Chimera in Risk of Rain Returns!

Acrid brings a whole new playstyle to the game, with its poison-based attacks and abilities. Its primary attack, Caustic Sludge, inflicts poison damage over time, while its secondary attack, Neurotoxin, deals direct poison damage to enemies. Acrid's utility skill, Epidemic, spreads poison to nearby enemies, making it a great crowd control tool. Its mobility skill, Frenzied Leap, allows Acrid to quickly close the distance or escape from dangerous situations.

Unlocking Acrid in Risk of Rain Returns is a straightforward process that involves completing the "Free the Chained Creature" Challenge. By reaching the Sunken Tombs, climbing to the top right section, and defeating Acrid in battle, you can add this iconic Test Subject to your collection of Survivors. Acrid's unique poison-based abilities and playstyle offer a fresh and exciting experience for players. Good luck on your journey and have fun exploring all that Acrid has to offer!

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