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We continue talking about Returnal and this time we will tell you how to save your game.

Is there a possibility to save the game manually in Returnal?

The truth is no, but obviously progress is not lost when closing the game, which is what really counts, because it is precisely the biggest concern when playing, the way we usually use to save, in this sense, to know how to save your game simply It leads us to consider that there are two ways to save in this game, especially considering that there are some weapons that we will not lose between each cycle in Returnal, even when we die several times.
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    How to save your game in Returnal?

    It is necessary to bear in mind that this game has autosave, this simply implies that when obtaining an improvement it is saved, which is quite good, because even dying or pausing there is no possibility of losing anything, opting to end a cycle and save Progress is simple, it will only be enough to close the game, because when loading it again it will load everything that has been saved when closing.

    However, some players often consider the detail of dividing a particular cycle into more than one session and not having to start over, in this sense, it is necessary to make use of the rest mode of the PS5 so that the current cycle can be suspended Instead of finishing completely, after a while, it will only be enough to wake up the PS5 to start exactly where it left off and continue normally to start a new cycle, because even though some players consider that this save mechanic can be somewhat complex, According to the duration of the cycles, which is actually quite long, it should be noted that it is only necessary to become a little familiar with it and in this way see it as something normal without greater complexity, because at the end of everything it would only be to give a different turn to what we are always used to visualizing.

     This is all we can contribute about how to save your game, because Returnal simply leads us to work enough and entertain ourselves, which is its purpose.

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