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Returnal has various activities and this makes it convenient to tell you How to beat Ixion.

Who is Ixion at Returnal?

This is a boss that is usually quite difficult, because especially because he tends to stay in the air, however, knowing how to beat Ixion will embark us to prepare and be attentive, because the action here is not defended and does little little by little, new enemies begin to emerge, which it is necessary to confront.
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    How to beat Ixion in Returnal?

    This is a fight that usually takes place in three phases and they are as follows:


    •  Phase 1: this is the simplest, because it is only necessary to take care of dodging, the boss will seek to launch all kinds of attacks, in this sense it is necessary to dodge them and as soon as we see that he is not launching an attack we simply proceed to make use of the tachyomatic carbine to inflict some damage on him.
    •  Phase 2: in this phase it is necessary to dodge force fields, walls or blue attacks, we must take care of jumping to make a "strafe" in such a way that this allows us to shoot Ixion, especially considering that this boss will not be attacking us Directly, it is ideal to choose to shoot from the hip, as this will make the boss jump from the ground and tend to release various attacks that will be necessary to dodge and attack in the same way as we did in the previous phase.
    • Phase 3: This is the last phase of the fight against Ixion, here it will seek to execute melee attacks which makes us have to keep our distance and our finger on the run button, it is necessary to be careful, because it will release particles on top of us, In addition, jumping off the walls can be risky, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of avoiding receiving blows from the particles that are above the force fields, and while this happens it is feasible to shoot our weapon every time we have the opportunity, this with the so that the boss can take damage and fall.

    Definitely, knowing how to beat Ixion makes us enter an interesting fight that can only be carried out in Returnal.

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