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With our PUBG Mobile guide you will learn more about the codes for May 2021.

What to know about PUBG Mobile?

  In this game we come to find many things, among which there are weapons, skins, emotes and something else, when we complete the challenges and missions we can access this through the purchase with the use of UC, the currency of the game, but If we want not to spend it, we can have something special like the codes for May 2021, with the purpose of exchanging it for things of great support for our performance for free, now to have an idea with better details, let's go ahead in this guide and its content .
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    What are the codes for May 2021 in PUBG Mobile?

    You have to take into account the rapid use of these codes because it has an expiration date, its operation is not for everyone, it is due to how specific they are for each account, so these codes for the month of May 2021 are the following :


    • SD14G84FCC
    • 5FG10D33
    • LUCKY
    • BEAUTY
    • SD16Z66XHH
    • BBVNZBZ4M9


     Now for the exchange of these, what we will do is go to our profile on our device by opening the game, we copy the character code, to go to the exchange center, here we enter the ID that we copy together with the code to be redeemed, then a captcha and We go on to verify our data, we give it to redeem and we will have our reward in the inbox of the game, we just open the game and search to claim it.

     Knowing the codes for May 2021 is interesting, it allows us to unwind and have more fun in PUBG Mobile.

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