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Everyone is wondering how to melee in Returnal, and in this guide we have covered it all.

What is the melee attack in Returnal?

It is one of several forms of combat in the game, specifically a form of closer combat, which allows you to defend yourself against your enemy.

How to combat melee in Returnal?

When leaving your crashed ship, Helios, you will see that Selene only relies on her firearm, which is a handgun and there is no close-quarters fighting at your disposal at the moment.
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    When you enter its first biome, the Overgrown Ruins, you will find the Atropian Sword and having this weapon you can start the melee fight by pressing the Square button, to start the melee attack, which will be useful against approaching enemies too much.

    You can also use this attack before reaching the ledge after a jump or a run, which will give you more range.

      After reading this guide on how to combat melee in Returnal, we hope that you can fight and have everything is success that you propose in the game.

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