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Discover the ultimate guide on Where To Find Band of the Fanatic in Remnant  2 on our website

In Remnant 2, the Band of the Fanatic is a highly sought-after item that can significantly enhance the Miasma ability of the Ritualist archetype. With its ability to increase Status Effect Damage by 25%, it is a valuable asset for any player looking to maximize their character's potential. However, obtaining this elusive item requires some effort and exploration. This blog post aims to guide you on where to find the Band of the Fanatic, allowing you to unlock the true power of your Ritualist.

Where to Find Band of the Fanatic in Remnant 2

First Playthrough

During your initial playthrough of Remnant 2, you won't be able to obtain the Band of the Fanatic from the Dran Preacher in the Forlorn Coast area. Therefore, it is crucial to progress through the game until you unlock Adventure Mode. This mode opens up countless opportunities for exploration and acquiring rare items.

 Adventuring in Adventure Mode

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Once you've unlocked Adventure Mode, it's time to embark on a thrilling journey to obtain the Band of the Fanatic. Head over to the Palace of the One True King, as this is where you will find the Zealot's Set, a prerequisite for acquiring the coveted Band.

  • Locate the Zealot's Set: Within the Palace of the One True King, take your time to explore and navigate until you come across a specific area where the Zealot's Set can be found. Be prepared for encounters with challenging enemies and treacherous traps along the way.
  • Shoot the Rope: While exploring the aforementioned area within the Palace, keep an eye out for a rope hanging above a particular spot. This rope is crucial to obtaining the Band of the Fanatic. Take aim with precision and shoot it down, carefully timing your shot to ensure success.
  • Collecting Zealot's Clothes: As soon as you shoot down the rope, a corpse will come crashing down along with it. Waste no time and rush to the fallen corpse to retrieve the Zealot's Clothes. This set is a vital component for unlocking the full potential of your Ritualist's Miasma ability, paving the way for the acquisition of the Band of the Fanatic.

 Unlocking Full Potential

Now that you possess the Zealot's Clothes, it's time to unlock the full potential of your Ritualist's Miasma ability. Equip the Zealot's Clothes to experience a significant boost in your character's performance. The Band of the Fanatic, when combined with the Zealot's Clothes, enhances your Status Effect Damage by an impressive 25%.

 Simultaneous Usage

An intriguing feature of the Band of the Fanatic is its ability to be used simultaneously with Legacy Protocol. This combination allows for compensation of effect duration, effectively lowering skill cooldowns while maintaining the increased Status Effect Damage. With this synergy, your Ritualist's abilities become even more formidable, making you a force to be reckoned with in battles against powerful foes.

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can successfully locate and obtain the elusive Band of the Fanatic in Remnant 2. The enhanced abilities provided by this item will significantly amplify your Ritualist archetype's effectiveness, allowing you to unleash devastating Status Effect Damage upon your enemies. Remember, while this guide provides a general overview, it is always advisable to consult in-game guides or walkthroughs for more detailed instructions, as specific locations and mechanics may vary slightly within the game. Good luck on your adventure, and may your Ritualist reach new heights of power!

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