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Discover the secrets of How to Solve Ethereal Mansion Puzzle in Remnant 2 with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to solve the Ethereal Mansion puzzle in Remnant 2. This intricate puzzle will lead you through hallways, encounters with Drans, and the search for four talismans. Follow our step-by-step instructions below to successfully complete the puzzle and claim the Crimson Dreamstone.

How to Solve the Ethereal Mansion Puzzle in Remnant 2

 Head upstairs and explore the Ethereal Mansion

As you embark on your puzzle-solving journey, the first step is to head upstairs and explore the mysterious Ethereal Mansion. This grand mansion is filled with winding hallways and hidden secrets. Take your time to navigate through its various rooms and corridors, paying attention to the intricate details around you.

 Drink Liquid Escape and claim the Crimson Dreamstone

While exploring the Ethereal Mansion, you will eventually encounter a Dran, a formidable enemy that guards the Crimson Dreamstone. To claim this precious artifact, you will need to use the Liquid Escape item on the Dran. This will immobilize the Dran and allow you to claim the Crimson Dreamstone.

Find four different talismans

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With the Crimson Dreamstone in your possession, you will need to return to the Ethereal Mansion to continue your puzzle-solving quest. Your next objective is to find four different talismans scattered throughout the mansion. These talismans hold the key to progressing further in the puzzle and unlocking the final reward.

Exploring all the rooms of the mansion is crucial in locating the talismans. Be thorough in your search, paying attention to any clues or hints that may lead you to their whereabouts. Take note of any unique or distinctive features in each room that might indicate the presence of a talisman.

 Locate each talisman without triggering a reset

As you search for the talismans, it's important to exercise caution and avoid triggering a reset in the puzzle. To do this, carefully examine each door before entering. Look through the gap to determine if there is a bright and bloody talisman or a lurking Dran. If you encounter a Dran behind the door, it's best to avoid it, as entering that room will reset the puzzle.

If you have the Fortune Hunter skill available, make sure to utilize it to your advantage. This skill can enhance your ability to find the talismans by providing hints or highlighting their locations. Use it wisely to make your search easier and more efficient.

Transport back to main doors after picking up each talisman

Successfully picking up a talisman will transport you back to the Ethereal Mansion's main doors. This serves as a checkpoint in your puzzle-solving progress. Make sure to take note of the locations of the talismans you have found, as this will help you keep track of your progress and avoid any unnecessary backtracking.

Pick up Death-Soaked Idol for final transportation

After acquiring all four talismans, your final objective is to locate and pick up the Death-Soaked Idol. This powerful artifact holds the key to unlocking the next phase of the puzzle. Once you pick up the Death-Soaked Idol, you will be transported to the World Stone of Sunken Haunt, marking the completion of the puzzle.

By following these friendly instructions, you'll be able to navigate the Ethereal Mansion puzzle in Remnant 2 with ease. Remember to stay cautious, utilize your skills wisely, and collect all four talismans before picking up the Death-Soaked Idol. Best of luck on your adventure!

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