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Discover the secrets to How To Get Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2 with our comprehensive guide.

In the world of Remnant 2, the Rod of Retribution is a legendary weapon that can be obtained from the One True King himself. To acquire this powerful weapon and progress through the Awakened King DLC, you must embark on a journey filled with challenges and choices. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining the Rod of Retribution, providing you with all the necessary steps and tips to succeed. So, gear up and prepare for an epic adventure!

How To Get Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2

Reach the Chamber of the Faithless:

To begin your quest for the Rod of Retribution, you must first progress through the Awakened King DLC until you reach the Chamber of the Faithless. This chamber is a treacherous and mysterious place where powerful beings reside. Navigate through the dark corridors and treacherous traps to reach your destination.

Swear Loyalty to the King of Fairies:

Once you find yourself inside the Chamber of the Faithless, your next step is to find and swear loyalty to the king of fairies. This step is crucial as it determines the reward you will receive. Search for the king amidst the shifting shadows and eerie silence. When you find him, pledge your allegiance and show your dedication.

Kill Nimue and Receive Broken Heart Relic (Option 1):

Within one of the towering structures of the Chamber, you will encounter Nimue, a powerful enemy standing in your way. Engage in a fierce battle against her, utilizing your skills and weapons to overcome her formidable defenses. Defeat Nimue, and as a reward, she will grant you the Broken Heart Relic.

The Broken Heart Relic is a valuable artifact that can be used to restore your health during intense battles. It pulsates with a mysterious energy, offering you a lifeline when facing overwhelming odds. Keep this relic close and use it wisely to ensure your survival.

Fight and Defeat The One True King (Option 2):

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If, for some reason, you choose not to swear loyalty to the king of fairies, you will miss out on Option 1's reward. However, this decision opens up another path, one that leads to a daunting battle against The One True King himself. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically, for this fight will test your limits.

The One True King is a formidable opponent, possessing immense power and wielding an array of devastating attacks. Strategize and utilize your combat skills to exploit his weaknesses. With perseverance and determination, you will eventually emerge victorious, paving the way for your journey to continue.

Turning Point: Changing Your Mind:

Sometimes, even the most resolute hearts can waver, and if you find yourself having a change of heart after talking to Nimue, there is still hope. Despite initially choosing not to swear loyalty to the king, you can still alter your path. This turning point presents you with a unique opportunity.

After defeating Nimue, she bestows upon you Nimue's Vow, a solemn promise that can transform into the Blood-Marred Vow. This transformation occurs after you have successfully defeated The One True King. Embrace this new path and let fate guide your footsteps.

Return Nimue's Vow for the Gift Of The Unbound Amulet:

Once you have obtained the Blood-Marred Vow, your final task is to return it to Nimue. Seek her out within the depths of the Chamber of the Faithless, and present her with the vow that has undergone its dark transformation. In return for your loyalty and determination, Nimue will reward you with the coveted Gift Of The Unbound Amulet.

The Gift Of The Unbound Amulet is a powerful artifact that enhances your abilities and augments your combat prowess. This amulet resonates with ancient magic, granting you the strength to wield the Rod of Retribution with unparalleled skill. Wear it proudly, for it signifies your journey's completion and mastery of the challenges faced along the way.

Obtaining the Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2 is not an easy task, but with this guide, you now possess the knowledge and understanding required to embark on this epic quest. Progress through the Awakened King DLC, navigate the treacherous Chamber of the Faithless, and make choices that shape your destiny. Whether you choose to swear loyalty to the king of fairies, defeat Nimue, or face the daunting challenge of The One True King, your perseverance will be rewarded. Acquire the Rod of Retribution, wield its power with skill, and let your enemies tremble before you. Good luck on your epic journey!

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