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Lidia Rozo
2022-01-25 14:34:40

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Today we bring you a Guild Wars 2 guide where we will tell you how to get Ad Infinitum.

What is Ad Infinitum in Guild Wars 2?

This is nothing more than a legendary object that is usually necessary to obtain in this game and that the game itself, this is crucial and requires a lot of work to be able to obtain it, in this sense, knowing How to obtain Ad Infinitum we embark on a fundamental search where it arises necessary to have some necessary resources and components.

How to get Ad Infinitum in Guild Wars 2?

It is necessary to get some resources, such as:

  • No strings attached.
  • The Unbound Ad Infinitum III solution.

Pristine Mist Essence 5 consisting of:

  • 50 Luck Essence.
  • 5 Stabilized Dark Energy Cubes.
  • 50 Thermocatalytic reagents.

Unreleased wings are another necessary resource to know How to get Ad Infinitum, and it consists of:

  • 25 Ectoplasm Balloons.
  • 5 Crystallized Mist Essence Fragments.
  • Vision Crystal.
  • Upper Limit Spirit.

Third Order Fog Frame, consisting of:

  • 5 spirit wood planks.
  • 5 Deldrimor Steel Ingots.
  • 5 Elonian Horn Squares.
  • 5 Damascus bolts.

There are some gifts that are a fundamental part of obtaining Ad Infinitum in Guild Wars 2 and they are:

  • Gift of Fortune.
  • Ectoplasm Globe 250.
  • Mystical clover 77.

Gift of power, composed of:

  • 250 vicious fangs.
  • 250 Armored Scales.
  • 250 vicious claws.
  • 250 Ancient Bones.

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Magic Gift composed of:

  • 250 vials of powerful blood.
  • 250 powerful poison bags.
  • 250 totems crafted.
  • 250 tons of crystalline powder.

Gift of Ascension that usually requires relics that can be purchased from Fractals of the Mists or by completing the Reformer of the Covenant achievement.

  • 500 fractal relics.
  • 25 silver relics.
  • 25 copper relics at BUY-4373.

Gift of infinity is another of the resources necessary to obtain this legendary object, only for this we must take care of having completed the 13 components of level 4, in this sense, it is necessary to press the "Achievements" tab and this is done by pressing H where we will see them

Collections are another resource to achieve Ad Infinitum and for this we must:

  • Complete the collections for the Forerunner Unleashed.
  • Get the legendary sword item, which involves running through various levels of Fractal with their respective challenges to collect all the items necessary to reach the goal.
  • It is good to keep in mind that the objects are usually located under the Ad Infinitum, this is located in the achievement panel and to find it, it will only be enough to press H to search for Ad Infinitum.
  • It is necessary to get some essential items because they are necessary to complete the world bosses.
  • We must take care of talking to Kelvei, this usually occurs in the Fractals of the Mist, where it is necessary to unlock the next levels and receive some necessary instructions.

 In this sense, knowing How to obtain Ad Infinitum offers us the opportunity to embark on a considerable search for resources and thereby reach the most important object in Guild Wars 2.

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