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With the next article we will tell you how to beat the Spiker in Rainbow Six Extraction, so let's start with this.

Who is Spiker in Rainbow Six Extraction?

He is a level 2 Archæan, who has the ability to fire projectiles with the ability to break. Another of his characteristics is that when you attack them they defend themselves by protecting their faces with their powerful forearms, which will prevent you from hitting them in the face. So if you want to kill him, it will be useful to know how to beat the Spiker.

How to beat the Spiker in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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In case you are wondering how to beat the Spiker in Rainbow Six Extraction, the first thing you should keep in mind is that it is very important to be prepared so that when this enemy appears it does not take you by surprise. The good thing is that you can shoot yourself both in the open and behind a wall, which will allow you to protect yourself by creating a Field Wall to block their projectiles.

The Jäger Operator can use his abilities to set up defensive turrets capable of intercepting spikes and blocking them.

The best way to attack this enemy is from behind, but keep in mind that Spiker can move and fire his spikes at the same time, so you'll have to dodge until you can get behind his back to attack with a melee weapon. Body.

We recommend distracting the Spiker with other mobs or explosives, so you can get to his back much more easily. You can also approach from behind when you have invisibility.

 That's all you need to know about how to beat Spiker in Rainbow Six Extraction so now that we've reached the end, we hope you can finish off this enemy much faster.

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