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We invite you to discover what is The Best Jager Loadout, a new and necessary task in Rainbow Six Extraction.

What to know about Jager in Rainbow Six Extraction?

The value of this operator is in the mines, this becomes very useful against bosses, elites and points of contention, this corresponds to the most complex missions in the game, in which stealth is not effective , then with the correct load we will be able to get ahead in complex situations, to know which is The Best Jager Loadout, the following content is presented to guide us, let's see it.

What is The Best Jager Loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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  • The main weapon M870: it is a weapon that has great power to detect, being ideal for those scenarios where the squads are affected by the aliens in Rainbow Six Extraction, there are certainly other options that are presented automatically, but it is noteworthy that we keep in mind the secondary weapon that turns out to be very effective during stealth and for confrontations with mobs we have the shotgun.
  • The secondary weapon P12: As for Jager's best Loadout, it is considerable that this weapon counts at least despite being a pistol, which is very powerful and turns out to be the only option we have in said slot, we can place it a silencer for stealth, by hitting weak points with this weapon we can kill an enemy even from the edge of the map, as long as we don't face a swarm it can be a pretty remarkable option.
  • Explosive technology with the paralysis grenade: when the turret mines are placed, the elites and bosses will come charging, we can stun them for 5 seconds with the grenades, where each of the mines inflicts shots on them, which allows avoid absorbing hits for Jager in Rainbow Six Extraction, thus avoiding damage, the strategy with this other layer makes him special compared to the other operators.
  • The Resuscitation Kit team: certainly in terms of the best Jager Loadout we have that it is possible to handle the most complex situations, we certainly will not have this operator for the healing tank, which can in some cases compromise us, that is when we can opt for the resuscitation kit, before the fallen get up they can still cause many deaths because they do not get to be instantly unconscious, in the case of this operator he will get up on his own without us depending on a rescue.

 We hope that the information detailed here about The Best Jager Loadout has been very useful for your fun and progress in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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