Angel Marquez
2022-01-28 07:03:43

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With our Don't Starve guide you will learn more about How to make a Crock pot.

What to know about the Crock pot in Don't Starve?

  It is a structure that will be useful for the preparation of dishes with ingredients to satisfy hunger, this process consumes time and space to place the clay pot, the most normal thing is that we have it very close to the center of the base, where there is the resource of fire to cook even at night, also near the refrigerator we can place it for the storage of food that we will not use immediately, which will help to extend its useful life, to understand How to make a pot of mud, you have to follow the instructions that are going to be presented later in this guide, let's see.

How to make a Crock pot in Don't Starve?

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It is necessary that we have the prototype of the Crock pot in Don't Starve, for this the scientific machine, we will also add 6 cut stones, 6 coals and 6 twigs, when obtaining charcoal it is necessary to burn trees, being useful that this is thick , we are going to light the fire using a torch or the lighter if we are handling Willow, we must avoid walking the trees that are on fire because it will hurt us, but obviously with Willow we are resistant to fire, after the trees are burned we can get charcoal by cutting them, then as for How to make a clay pot you have to follow these steps:


  •  By means of trees or bushes we will take 6 twigs.
  • From the burned trees we collect the coals.
  • For the cut stones, it is required to refine 3 rocks with the scientific machine, the rocks being extracted from the rocks with the pickaxe, it requires 9 rocks in the machine and to make 3 short stones.
  • Having the objects you can make the clay pot by going through the food option
  • We will place it in our base
  • We will find recipes to make meatballs and as well as other recipes for many foods.


This is how we finish our guide on How to make a Crock pot, hoping that you can get the most out of this moved Don't Starve