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Angel Marquez
2022-01-28 14:08:15

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Enter the Genshin Impact universe because today we are going to tell you how to get raw meat.

What to know about raw meat in Genshin Impact?

  It is a resource of great importance for the elaboration of the dishes in the game that come to allow the restoration of our health and resistance in some specific situations, for which it is quite necessary that we are aware of How to obtain raw meat , something that can be complex and that we can come to understand while we follow the following content, let's see.

How to get raw meat in Genshin Impact?

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Through most of the fauna in Genshin Impact it is possible to access raw meat, these animals drop it, taking out the birds, as for How to obtain raw meat we have to hunt wild animals, this is possible around Teyvat , there are many ingredients that we will come to use more frequently in the preparation of dishes, there are many options to find raw meat in case we run out of said resource.

Among the most important options in terms of How to obtain raw meat in Genshin Impact we have that there are 3 ways to follow, hunting animals, buying in a store or expeditions, according to our criteria we choose the one that seems best to us, while we have enough raw meat better to cook it when we meet at the stake, the main one being to hunt animals, we have that in the vicinity of the Brightcrown canyon there are quite a few wild boars, only that we must take care of them because they escape if they see us killing their species, it is important that to have success let's consider an anemo character, Venti being one of them so that we can attract them to the vortex, with Ganyu we can use his AoE attacks or we can use a character that uses a bow for ranged hunting in Genshin Impact, if we opt for Aloy in terms of How to obtain raw meat the result is that we can get quite close to the animals and the proper details are as follows.


  •  East of Dunyu Ruins: We have the opportunity to access about 5 boars and some small animals.
  • In Springvale: here are 3 boars on the ground near the place
  • Southwest of Qingce Village: Here are 3 boars at said point
  • Around the Qingce village: in the surroundings we can find 5 boars, considering that they are separated from each other by a lot.
  • In Tianqiu Valley: Around there are various creatures, in the north and south there are wild boars, foxes and squirrels.
  • At Starfell Lake: At this point in Genshin Impact there are no boars, just creatures that are small that are good for farming at least.
  • The stone door: this is located on the border limits between Mondstadt and Liyue, to get here you can use the pale flame, here different types of animals are presented that allow you to solve How to obtain raw meat.
  • In Dragonspine: here we have to help that we use a Pyro character, the frozen meat can be processed to access raw meat, then the frozen meat can be found with the support of the appropriate character on the east shore of this location.
  • The Snow Boar King: It is an interesting challenge, through this we can access about 10 frozen meats, what we must do is beat it for it.
  • Buying from Draff in Springvale: we have that if boars become extinct, our option regarding How to obtain raw meat will go through the fact of buying it with Mora, which will take us to Springvale to locate Draff in the Mondstadt region, It is ideal that we talk to him in broad daylight so that we have access to his store to find the raw meat, with the cost per piece being 240 mora, with limitations of 10 per day.
  • The expeditions: through these in Genshin Impact we can get raw meat, considering a couple available, in Windrise one and the other in Musoujin Gorge, upon completing them both come to reward us with raw meat, adding at least between 16 to 24 portions with this option during every 20 hours, certainly with the right character the time will vary, highlighting Fischl, Kujou Sara or Bennett.


This is all there is to know about How to obtain raw meat, it only remains to apply what you have learned to continue progressing in our fun that we have in Genshin Impact.

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