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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-22 16:14:30

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The action in PUBG does not stop and therefore it is necessary to tell you where to land on the Haven map

What is the Haven map in PUBG?

It should be noted that this game has some time already at our disposal, and a new season the tenth has recently come out, this coincides with some necessary locations so knowing where to land on the Haven map is an important task because it makes us get involved in Get at least 100 items, which is great but in a way it will keep us busy for a long time.
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Where to land on the Haven map in PUBG?

 There are three zones and they are:

 Residential area.

  •  This is the densest area on this map, so it is not the safest.
  • Our best chance to collect the loot without attracting attention is when we head to the building that is on the left edge of the area.
  • The building has several floors which can be explored and looted and this can be done quickly
  • This residential area is located on the southern side of the island.


 Industrial Park area.

  •  It is an area with department stores.
  • It is a place where it is possible to get a lot of loot.
  • We can locate ourselves on the left side where it is possible to notice two garages and these in turn have a number of containers.
  • There is the facility to detect the enemies that have fallen in this area so that it is necessary to flee quickly.


 Coal yard area.

  •  This is not the best place to get loot.
  • This area is usually not so complex which allows us to move around with some tranquility.
  • It has some buildings located on the south side of Coal Yards.
  • This area is a place where it is possible to be relaxed.

 Definitely, knowing where to land on the Haven map allows us to focus on navigating the PUBG areas and thus get loot.

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