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Angel Marquez
2020-12-22 16:09:04

More about: Call of Duty Mobile

We welcome you to our Call of Duty Mobile guide, where we will talk about where to find the level 3 vest.

What to know about Call of Duty Mobile?

One of the factors that are of vital importance in the game and our performance is armor, so in some ways we will be able to apply a series of improvements to strengthen our defensive capabilities, which makes it necessary that this time we consider knowing where to find the level 3 vest and that is what the content of this guide offers us, for that reason let's follow it.

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Where to find the level 3 vest in Call of Duty Mobile?

With the clear purpose of this search there are some aspects to consider, among which we have to have a vest that has a lower level, and we go through a box that contains level 3 we will be taking a vest, but we must take into account the durability of this in battle, because at some point it will be damaged, something that is somehow contradictory, it is necessary that we do not overlook any of this level 3 vest in Call of Duty Mobile, there are many areas considered obtaining the loot with higher chances, allowing you to find these level 3 vests.

The best places to find this kind of loot are Nuclear Weapons City, Pipeline, Standoff, Launch Base, Dinner, and Countdown, making these places ideal for loot looting and landing, ideal to have in Tell what each one offers about where to find the level 3 vest and is what will be detailed below.


  •  Nuclear Weapons City: Appearing the one known to us before in this game now, the developers place it as a place rich in loot, certainly the level 3 vest are here also among them.
  • The Pipeline: when we are in this place, what we will do is focus on the warehouses, where we will find level 2 and 3 vests among the loot.
  • Standoff: We have seen this location before in Black Ops 2, which is north of the map, a popular place where it can be obtained by looting many things.
  • The Launch Base: in the entire center of the map we find it, you just have to face some obstacles to loot the loot that is offered here.
  • Dinner and countdown: the chances here to find a level 3 vest are very high, although this location is not so popular, but it is ideal to explore it.


Knowing where to find the level 3 vest is interesting, achieving with this being able to unwind and have more fun in Call of Duty Mobile.

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