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Knowing where to find all secondary Target in Cayo Perico is a necessary task to be done in GTA Online, let's see.

What does it mean to find all secondary targets in Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

This new DLC brings us some important and necessary activities to carry out, since it is our task to take charge of carrying out some explorations around the island, this makes knowing where to find all the secondary Target in Cayo Perico makes us take a look at the guards who are usually roaming everywhere, this task allows us to have the opportunity to receive significant payments for the robberies executed.
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    Where to find all secondary Target in Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

    Obtaining valuables is a somewhat difficult task, there is a lot of merchandise that is hidden everywhere in GTA Online, this makes us consider that in the Cayo Perico robbery it is possible to achieve more than 20 secondary Target for which it is necessary to form a complete team.

     Camera lenses.

     The first thing to consider is that it is usually necessary to focus on 5 secondary Target and these are:

    •  Cocaine.
    • Grass.
    • Gold.
    • Art.
    • Money.


     There are some aspects worth considering knowing where to find all the secondary Target in Cayo Perico, and they are:

    •  The items are usually scattered throughout the island and these are usually random.
    • There are some places that may be empty.
    • Gold and money can spawn in the same place, this means that both objects are usually compatible.


     Now, knowing where to find all the secondary Target in Cayo Perico makes us go step by step in this way:

    • It is necessary to check if there is any object that has been stolen on the island using the camera.
    • It is possible to open the Sightseer application on our Smartphone in order to access the security cameras in GTA Online.


     The Targets are usually the following:

    •  Basement: there is the primary purpose of baseball storage.
    • 2 lot: 2 painted office cameras 1.
    • 1 Painted office camera 2.
    • 1 Painted West Storage Bed 1.
    • 1 lot of western merchandise storage chamber 1.
    • 1 lot of 1 painted west storage chamber 2.
    • 1 batch of north merchandise storage chamber 1.
    • 1 batch of northern paint storage chamber 2.
    • 1 lot south storage chamber 1.
    • 1 lot south storage chamber 2.
    • 1 lot of puncture.

    Runway objectives.

     As we delve into this guide about where to find all the secondary objectives in Cayo Perico it is necessary to make it clear that these specifically tend to spawn on a table that is hidden behind a metal fence, it is important to take care of taking a photo of the objects from each area, considering on the one hand that these can be achieved randomly and on the other hand that they usually spawn in pairs, this leads us to locate the landing strip in the northwest of the island of Cayo Perico in GTA Online and the objectives are:


    •  2 targets in the center of the hangar.
    • 2 hidden objectives on the hangar ladder.
    • 2 targets inside the southern pilot building.


     Objectives of the north pier.

     This area has a total of 5 objectives to meet, the advantage is that it has several articles that can be:

    •  Grab hooks.
    • Valuable items.
    • Bolt cutters.
    • Clothes hangers.


     The objectives themselves are found as follows:

    •  3 targets are located in the southern building somewhat close to where the security cameras are located.
    • 2 targets are in the building near the security camera located to the northwest and it has a grappling hook.


     Targets of the central complex.

     The location of this is usually found in the heart of the island Cayo Perico and has these Targets:

    •  2 are located in the north cabin of the security camera that faces the main road.
    • 3 are usually located behind in the northwestern part of the central complex by the security camera.
    • 2 are in front of the building that is shaped like a T and is located in front of the main pier on the corner of the road.
    • 2 are usually located on the main dock A cabin that is usually in the cabin to the south.


    In this sense, knowing where to find all the secondary Target in Cayo Perico is an important task that allows us to mobilize for GTA Online.

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