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PUBG Mobile: How to use the new canted sight

2020-05-12 09:11:43

Find out how to use the new canted sight in this excellent and explanatory PUBG Mobile guide.

 In PUBG Mobile we find before its most recent update 0.18.0, which has brought with it a lot of special content, among which are the maps, weapons and suits, it is possible that the improvements will turn our performance into something more complete and Fun, the question regarding this is how to use the new tilt sight, one of the newly added resources, in this guide we may find the necessary answers, leading us to pay due attention below.

What do you have to know about the slant sight in PUBG Mobile?

It is one of the most recent resources added to the game, it consists of a secondary visor that we can use in our weapon and that will help us in the simultaneous change between the 2 visors, in this way we will kill our enemies whether or not they are close if we have What to make changes to our inventory of the viewfinders, is a holographic viewfinder or red dot, which in melee battles can be used, when making a combination with an 8x telescope, we will be more than ready to kill, with an angle of 45 degrees the cannon sight will be connected, exchanging with our main sight when we press the corresponding button, in the same way that any viewfinder to this we can achieve it, being all over the scattered map, the weapons that this sight can support are Remarkable in each map being these, AKM, AUG, G36C, Beryl M762, Scar-L, M416, Mutant, QBZ, Mini14, Mk14, M24, SKS, SLR, Bizon, UMP45, Vector, MP5K, AWM, Kar98k, QBU, S12K, M249. Now to know how to use the new canted sight, it is recommended to continue reading.

How to use the new canted sight on PUBG Mobile?

Once we have the update, we go to the settings where we will look for the inclined sight and here we will find some options in this regard and these are the following:

Make the scope change

We will have the possibility of using it in a scope that will be secondary, by clicking here we will change this option, thus changing between the scope options according to our criteria, with the same button we will make the possible changes between both scope options

Using the viewfinder

This option will lead us to directly connect the inclined sight with our weapon, resulting in its use as the main holographic viewer.

Our advantages can be when matching the sight according to the situation that is presented to us, having a precise management with those long and short fights at the same time, the operation of this sight is remarkable in the short term, the greatest advantage we can get When pairing with an 8x, there is no doubt that it is something added to the game that will help us to perform better in our game, there is still more to discover from this update so it is ideal to be prepared for many reinforcements to come .

 In conclusion, knowing how to use the new canted sight is excellent because progress will be possible in this interesting and incredible game like PUBG Mobile.

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December 20, 2017
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