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2023-02-06 23:01:44

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How to get in on the Discord PS5 Beta? Here is what you need to know about the beta and how to get it before it’s too late.

What is Discord PS5 Beta?

Discord PS5 Beta is an exclusive beta for PlayStation 5 users that will give them access to the latest features and updates of the app before they are released to the public. The app will also allow users to chat with other PlayStation 5 users and join new gaming communities.

How To Get the Discord PS5 Beta?

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To gain access to the Discord PS5 Beta, users must first register their interest through their PlayStation account. After registering, keep an eye on the email inbox linked to the account. If selected, an invite will be sent to the inbox. Quickly accept the invite to download the Discord PS5 Beta, which can be installed through the System Software Update. Once the installation is complete, the Discord PS5 Beta will be available to use.

Gaining access to the Discord PS5 Beta is an exciting way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest PlayStation 5 updates and features. For those unable to obtain the Discord PS5 Beta, the public launch should be happening soon. Patience will be rewarded with a fully polished voice app.

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