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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-19 17:40:05

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The failures are still latent in PS5 and for that reason we come to explain how to fix the copy in queue error

What is copy queue error in PS5?

This is a problem that has been appearing recently and regularly, because it usually occurs when we transfer games to an external hard drive, making copying the games correctly throw us this failure, in this sense, knowing how to repair the error Queue copying leads us to explore options, as this can become frustrating as the progress bar simply tends to get stuck.
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How to fix copy queue error in PS5?

Fortunately we have several options to execute, sometimes it is enough to just wait a little, because the external units are not as fast as the internal ones, so we will use some patience and with the passage of a few minutes it will be solved.

In the event that this does not usually occur in the way applied above, it is necessary to consider:

  • Disconnect the console from the internet: this is a feasible option, because sometimes having it connected can throw us some inconveniences, since it tends to install updates and this makes this process slow it down, so that it is only ideal to disconnect it from the internet and opt for restart it.
  • Turn off the console and start again: it is possible to do it especially when it has had some time of rest, for which it is necessary to turn it off completely and after a few minutes to start it again, it is a simple and favorable way to get rid of the problem.
  • Choose to renew the system software: this is another viable option, since there are system updates and it is vital to install them, some failures usually occur because we do not have the updates, and this may precisely be one of them, it will just be enough to take a few minutes and update the system, because it will not only serve to correct this problem if you do not even stop accessing some games.

 This is all you need to know about How to fix the queued copy error, in such a way that only apply one of these solutions and in this way continue to enjoy PS5.

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