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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to fix error code WV-109146-1.

What to know about error code WV-109146-1 in PS5?

This is an error that occurs when we seek to enter an online game, even when connecting to the PlayStation network we will see the message that indicates the failure, taking into account that many aspects can be the cause of this, among which is the speed of our internet, the PS5N servers may be undergoing maintenance and even the firmware of our router may be a problem, now to understand how to repair the error code WV-109146-1 it is appropriate to consider the details that this guide will present to us then.

How to fix error code WV-109146-1 in PS5?

There are some solutions that we can consider applying and these are the following:
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    • First: check if the PS5N is down, this we will do considering that our internet is working correctly, then to discard we will go to the PlayStation Network page where we will check the status of the service, now if we see that the problems with the server have been resolved We can proceed to update the system of our PS5, in case of not loading it may be the reason for our internet connection so we must continue trying solutions.
    • Second: to attend to How to repair the error code WV-109146-1, restarting our console can help us, it is important that we leave it without power completely then we will go through the startup settings again, now we keep the power button pressed for about 10 seconds until the LED light is off, we are going to disconnect the console from the power on the back of it and after a minute we are going to press the power button, with this we remove the power that may be still In the console, after 20 minutes have passed we are going to connect it and restart the console, now we check the internet connection to see if the error is still present or not.
    • Third: among the options to end this error in our PS5 we can turn off and turn on the router, for this we have to disconnect it from the power supply, we leave it like that for 5 to 10 minutes and then connect it again, we check to see if the error and it is important that all the devices involved are rebooted for greater effectiveness.
    • Fourth: the router is usually the key in terms of How to repair the error code WV-109146-1, then updating the firmware of this is something opportune, for this we will go to the login page of this, then we have to search the software update option to do so.
    • Fifth: there may be the case that some DNS are failing and that is why this error occurs in our PS5, then we must make a change in the corresponding configuration, for this we will go to this in relation to the network, reaching the configuration of the Internet connection, we have to give the one we use, then in advanced we can make manual DNS adjustments, where in the primary configuration we put and in the secondary, which turns out to be Google's DNS, we give it to accept and save, only remaining to do a restart to see if the error is still present or not.
    • Sixth: it is necessary in terms of How to repair the error code WV-109146-1 that our WiFi speed be improved, something that can affect this is the distance between the router and the console, then you have to bring them closer to each other to that the signals are with greater intensity and the connection remains stable, considering that if the router does not send enough signal despite bringing it closer, we can choose to acquire a better one.
    • Seventh: reaching this point in search of solutions for our PS5, it is appropriate to contact the internet provider, this with reason because they may have data to which we do not have access, then they can determine what is the fault in our connection of Internet, it is important to suggest that they in turn release TCP ports: 80, 443, 3478, 3479 and UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 ~ 65535, if nothing changes they will send an expert person to help us.
    • Eighth: once we have exhausted all the solutions regarding How to repair the error code WV-109146-1, it is necessary that we contact the support of our console, motivated that the problem may be in it and can be solved by technical support.


    We hope that the information presented here on How to fix the error code WV-109146-1 has been useful to return to normal functions of your PS5.

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