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Crashes are a normal detail in all games and Dying Light 2 is no different, let's see How to fix screen flickering.

What is screen flickering in Dying Light 2?

This is an inconvenience that we came across when we launched this game and that can become quite annoying, this is because we will see that we are facing slow combat, or simply Dying Light 2 does not usually unfold as we expected, in this sense, to meet How to fix screen flickering allows us to apply some fixes, however, it is good to make it clear that the developers of the game have reported that they are aware of the problem and that they plan to release some fixes to eliminate the problem.

Knowing how to fix screen flickering allows us to be able to enjoy the game with due peace of mind, this considering that there are some graphics and details that complement the story perfectly well, in this sense, we invite you to continue reading because we bring some applicable methods that work well they may be beneficial to you.

How to fix screen flickering in Dying Light 2?

There are some methods that you can apply and if you do not use one you can go to the next one, these are:
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Choose to restart the console: this is the first action that we must execute to know How to fix the flickering of the screen, this because there is a possibility that the temporary files of the console can be deleted thanks to the refresh, the AI ​​​​usually usually saves some files that, although, may be attractive to a lot, because the page can load quickly, this also usually affects because they usually make the PS not work as it should, so that it is necessary to choose to execute the restart and proceed to launch Dying Light 2 to check that the error has disappeared.

Place the console in a well-ventilated space: this is another of the solutions that we can carry out to know how to fix the flickering of the screen, this is because keeping the console on for many hours and in a closed space can cause it to overheating, that's where some errors start to show up and this Dying Light 2 bug is no different, in this sense, we recommend you place your PS in a well-ventilated space and that's it.

Choose to eject the Dying Light 2 disc manually and clean it: we continue to go through some solutions to know How to fix the flickering of the screen and we will talk about a simple one, it is about taking care of cleaning the game disc manually, this due to that there is a possibility that it may have dust and therefore throw us the respective error, so that it is necessary to take care of pressing the button on the console to eject the disc and then proceed to clean it, we must be careful, because the Wet cloths, for example, or sprays can damage it. Now, once the disk is clean, it's time to put it back in the console and check if the fault has been eliminated.

Check the HDMI port: this is another fix that can be favorable to us, because on some occasions it can be defective, although it is true, this is not usually common, it is good to keep in mind that it can occur by throwing us the problem, of So knowing How to fix screen flickering from this option makes us take care of checking the HDMI port that helps us make the connection between the console and the TV, so we must connect the HDMI cable to another port to verify it, In the event that the error is not shown again in Dying Light 2, it simply means that the HDMI port used could be damaged and therefore we must change it by accessing the secondary port.

Check the hard drive: we continue talking about How to fix the screen flickering and we come to another solution that you can apply, this is because there is a possibility that the hard drive may have some internal failure, for this it is necessary to turn off the power button, and then proceed to disconnect all the cables that may be connected to the console, for this we must use a screwdriver to remove the rear panel of the console and then remove the hard drive, once this has been done it is done necessary to clean it and check that it does not have any damage, we proceed to place it once more and then we place the back panel, then we plug in the cables to access press the power button and launch Dying Light 2 once more.

Choose to reset or rebuild the console database: this is another solution that can be done to know How to fix screen flickering in case there are problems with the hard drive, in this sense, it is necessary to do a rebuild data to be able to launch the game as usual.

Choose to turn the console off and on: our task to know How to fix the screen flickering leads us to apply another solution that may well be favorable in the event that the previous ones have not been useful, for this it is necessary to turn off the console and Proceed to remove the cables, then it is necessary to wait approximately 5 minutes, then we connect the cables and proceed to turn on the console again to play Dying Light 2.

Install the latest updates: sometimes having an outdated console can lead to many failures, so knowing how to fix screen flickering makes it necessary to take care of installing the latest updates and once this has been done, we launch Dying Light 2 again to verify that the problem is solved.

Adjust the screen resolution and activate the performance mode: we continue to apply solutions and it is possible to decrease the screen resolution, in addition to activating the performance mode, only that for this it is necessary to take into account the type of television that we are using, this Due to the fact that the resolution is usually different for each one, applying it only makes it necessary to take care of going to the PlayStation configuration and accessing to activate the performance mode, once it has been done, we launch Dying Light 2 and that's it.

 Now that you know how to fix screen flickering, it's time to apply some of the solutions presented here and thus continue enjoying Dying Light 2 while the developers offer the official solutions.

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