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The activities in Ninjala do not take long and that is why today we will teach you how to stop see.

Why stop at Ninjala?

In Ninjala it is possible to achieve them with a concept very similar to what we colloquially know as stone, paper or scissors, since we have the possibility of executing several combats where knowing How to stop is very important because the idea is to have knowledge about evasion in this game, because success depends on it, permits with it the possibility of improving our movements, since the activities here do not take long and the best for us is to get as perfect as possible the combat mechanics since the idea is to reach the top.

How to stop at Ninjala?

These are the necessary attacks that we can execute:

  • Perform a side attack that allows us to hit up / lose down.
  • Perform a low attack that allows us to execute side blows / lose above.
  • Perform an up attack that allows us to hit down / lose to the sides.

Ideally, first of all, select two inputs from those previously specified, since we have the possibility of escaping a collision with a Dodge having S energy released, since attacks can normally be identical at the same time and this is significant that it will be necessary to switch between the options selected above.

Blocking is also an option and it is much easier because it will only be necessary to hold down the Glum Guard entry that translates to ZL or Y to get our character to burst a bubble that allows blocking attacks and with them the players increase their size to then absorbing its energy S, that is necessary to take into account that when this entrance is broken we will simply be vulnerable and this means that it will be necessary to be prepared and with confidence of nothing, it is more to choose to get some movement useful enough for the defenders.

In this sense, knowing How to stop allows us to take the advantage and leave as best as possible, since the battles in Ninjala are simply formidable and it is our task to be unbeaten.

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