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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-27 15:46:54

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The creatures in Pokémon GO are simply unique so today we will talk about How to catch Rotom at Fest 2020

Who is Rotom in Pokémon GO?

This universe is simply full of many interesting creatures, perhaps some more than others, specifically Rotom is a forgotten Pokemon that to date we did not have any option to confront him but finally we will be able to see him thanks to this Fest 2020 event, where we gives the chance to get a 4th generation creature.

Rotom is simply an electric type ghost Pokemon and something strange, we can get it in 6 different ways although for this event Fest 2020 has only been placed electric and water type. However it is necessary to make clear that this has other forms, but whatever it always tends to match with electric type and these are:


  •  Frost rotom meaning Ice.
  • Rotom of heat that is Fire.
  • Rotom of fan ie Flying.
  • Rotom de cote that is to say of Grass.
  • Rotom of washing that is to say of Water.

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How to catch Rotom at Fest 2020 at Pokémon GO?

This is simply a creature that tends to interfere when we capture a photo of a creature, which is interesting because it usually does it at least 5 times a day, leaving us with a considerable amount of possibilities. Knowing how to catch Rotom in Fest 2020 simply allows us to understand that it is an electric type creature that will be available during the festival, because we will be able to see it on the map simply as a wild spawn, since its job here is to appear in front of a photo of the Pokemon that We are photographing, if we have the possibility of a photopump in Pokémon GO, we should only leave regardless of whether the photo is saved or not.

Knowing how to catch Rotom in Fest 2020 simply becomes a challenge since it is only responsible for photo-bombing the players who have a ticket for the Fest 2020 event, this simply means that to catch it it is necessary to attract it and this implies provoking a meeting only taking photos of a Pokemon, taking into account that it is only possible to run it in a certain period of time, since we have a long day to do it that covers from 10 am to 8 pm, where we can take advantage of the photo-pumps specifically on the 25th and July 26 respectively on Pokémon GO.

It is important to consider the possibility of some aspects of interest such as:


  •  As long as we hold a meeting in the hour of friendly habitat or after the hour of fire habitat we can receive a bonus of 2 candies.
  • 10 encounters could open the doors to 60 candies instead of 30.
  • A formidable trainer has the ability to use Pinaps to turn that into at least 120 candies.

 In this sense, knowing How to catch Rotom in Fest 2020 simply allows us to access an interesting creature that perhaps had not been very relevant and give it the importance it deserves in Pokémon GO.

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