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Minecraft: How to craft bricks

2020-07-27 08:34:38

Guide to learn how to craft bricks in Minecraft

In this popular game among the gamer community it is a common fun thing to know how to create a lot of objects in this game, in the case of bricks these are the ones that you can create with the intention of giving another aspect to your home or anything that you want to build.

For newcomers this can mean something complicated, that's why. We will teach you how to create these objects in the game.

How to craft bricks in Minecraft?

You will already know that in this game you need other objects to create something new, and in this case you will need to find clay blocks.

These gray blocks are found nearby and in bodies of water (but not in the oceans) and can be picked up by hand. When you break it, it turns into a ball of clay. Take this item to your home area.

When you return home, put the clay block in the top slot of an oven and put some fuel (wood, coal, lava) in the bottom slot. This will begin to melt bricks. When the item appears in the box on the right, you can move it to your inventory.

Now that you have bricks, you will need to take them to a crafting table to see what you can do with them. Four bricks can be made in brick blocks, useful for use in fireplaces since fire has no effect on them and their place is not burned.

From there, you can make multiple brick blocks to create stairs, walls, and brick slabs. Three bricks can be made in a pot so you can decorate your place with flowers.

And ready! we have a lot of bricks ready to use.

Now that you know how to craft bricks in Minecraft you can do them constantly for any idea you can think of. Luck!

PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo eShop
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
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