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Angel Marquez
2020-06-26 17:49:55

You want to know how to eliminate Gimmicks in Pokemon Cafe Mix, excellent you are in the right place, here we will cover everything about it.

  We will not find different tricks in Pokemon Cafe Mix, which on certain occasions we must clean them, for this in this guide we will have the details of How to eliminate cheats, you just have to pay attention to the guidelines that are presented below.

What should we know about the Gimmicks in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

  In the game we will find the following icons of the ingredients:


  •   Whipped cream
  • Tomato
  • Walnuts
  • Petroleum
  • Sugar cube


How to remove Gimmicks in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

  • The whipped cream: In the surroundings of this icon we have to use a combo on 3 occasions, which allows us to eliminate it, the detail to highlight is that they will move around, being a complication for the execution of the combo, so we will use the coffee skill around the icon to remove it with a single movement
  • Tomato: To end this icon, it is necessary that we put all of these in a basket to eliminate them, they will not move when hitting them, it is only possible when stirring them.
  • Walnuts: With a coffee skill it is possible that we get to eliminate this icon, the interesting thing about this icon is the use of megaphones that allow us to eliminate them at the same time, considering that the link of a Pokemon icon does not allow its elimination.
  • Oil: With the Pokemon icon we have to make a combo to eliminate this icon.
  • Sugar Cube: If we want to eliminate this icon, it is necessary that on 3 occasions we eliminate the nearby Pokemon icons, it is possible with the use of a coffee skill, only one movement will be necessary to achieve it, it must be taken into account. count the list of Café Skills considering that leaders can use Café Skills.

 In conclusion, knowing how to eliminate Gimmicks is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moving game like Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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