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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-26 17:37:19

More about: Ninjala

Today we are going to tell you which are all the characters of the game that are present in Ninjala.

What can we comment on all the characters in the Ninjala game?

The first thing we can rescue from here is that the characters are simply descendants of ancient lineages, which means that each one has their power in their DNA, this game is practically a Ninja tournament where we can highlight the use of Ninjutsu, because here each character It has special abilities, and each one gives a particular touch to Ninjutsu, counting that the characters here are a total of 8.

What are all the investigative characters in Ninjala?

  There are only 3 investigative characters, since they enter among all the characters in the game, and they fulfill a particular function.
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  • Burton: He is a quite optimistic and energetic character, he has entered this Ninjala tournament with the possibility of reversing the process, he is a descendant of the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzo and became a girl just by consuming the prototype of Ninja Gum.
  • Berecca: He managed to have his powers unlocked by testing the Ninja Gum prototype but this did not go well and has made him a girl, his desire to participate in the tournament focuses on changing this process.
  • Ron: This is the third investigator, he is a traitor by nature because, he attacked Burton in the laboratory considering that he was there because of the power of the chewing gum, he also betrayed his colleagues so that they would consume the prototype of chewing gum, but he is not so smart despite everything because he was defeated by Burton's Ippon katana.


 What are the characters of Ninja lineages in Ninjala?


 We already know the investigators but they are not the complete group so here we will see the rest because it is necessary to know all the characters in the game and here we will see the 5 characters we are missing.


  •  Jane: This character is fond of sweets and this has led him to betray by infiltrating the laboratory since he managed to be the Ninja Gun himself, as this is a Hacker employee of the World Ninja Association.
  • Lucy: She agreed to enter the tournament thanks to the fact that her mother has asked her to train at the WNA school, follow her mother's advice to be a ninja, as this will help her to get out of the traumatic event she has suffered where she has hidden the her own talents, she is a girl noted for her joy and charisma.
  • Emma: She has vigilante hero skills and thanks to her reputation she has earned a place in this tournament to be part of all the characters in the game, protects the streets of her city and has an acrobatic style.
  • Van: He has just discovered that he has a Ninja heritage, this happened while escaping from the fire of his father's house that left it completely destroyed, he has overcome several difficult moments, perhaps it is the competitive spirit that has made him enter the Ninjala tournament, because He is a friendly and athletic boy.
  • Kappei: He already knew his ninja heritage before, he has been accompanied by Gumchi an extraterrestrial being who has always been protected by his family, has trained fencing and his goal is to find his grandfather's brother.

 This is what we know about all the characters in the game, obviously each one has its history but without leaving the ninja inheritance, because with this we make Ninjala a very interesting game, enjoy it because it really is `worth it.

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