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Pay attention, so you can learn how to unlock custom difficulties in Phasmophobia, because here we will tell you how to do it.

  What are custom difficulties in Phasmophobia?

This is a way to increase the difficulty of the game. It's also an effective way to remove a ghost's kill effect, allowing you and your teammates to attempt to take down a ghost without the adverse impact of losing. Although you won't be able to earn money while taking down a harmless ghost, it's a good way to practice against the more difficult hunts.

How to unlock custom difficulties in Phasmophobia?

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You will be able to enjoy these difficulties after reaching player rank 25. If you are at this level, before starting a quest for Phasmophobia, you can go to the lobby settings > click the check mark below > select any of the three custom settings in your profile.

This will allow you to access a menu where you can find the four difficulty settings and their three custom difficulties. Select any of the three difficulty settings to begin adjusting them.

  This is all you need to know about how to unlock custom difficulties in Phasmophobia, so we hope we have been very helpful, so that you can unlock all custom difficulties quickly.

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