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2021-12-12 20:21:14

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Enter the universe of Phasmophobia, because today we bring you the guide to the tortured voodoo doll.

What to know about the tortured voodoo doll in Phasmophobia?

This is one of the cursed objects that can be useful for our performance despite bringing with it some effects that harm us, it is possible with this power to cause responses from the ghost by putting pins in a doll, then the spirit reacts to it, thus forcing it to appear to our environment, it is appropriate to consider some aspects and for this we have the guide of the tortured voodoo doll with the details below, let's see.


How does the voodoo doll work in Phasmophobia?

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By not having anything equipped during the investigation is when we will take the voodoo doll, then pressing the right mouse button we will be able to stick a pin in the doll, which will cause the ghost is activated, as with the other objects our sanity will be affected, the result of this is to improve our chances of elimination increase when the ghost is seen in the hunting stage, the ghost is able to find us very quickly, but if we do not find it is something that we will depend on, but we must clearly have the consequences that involves the use of this object.

 We hope that the information detailed here in the tortured voodoo doll guide has been very useful for your progress and fun in Phasmophobia.

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