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Angel Marquez
2020-10-14 17:23:31

More about: Among Us

We invite you to discover How to activate  emergency meeting, a new task in Among Us.

Why activate  emergency meeting in Among Us?

 The main objective is to talk about the suspicions of a strange behavior of a player, this can appear in many ways, see someone venting off steam or disappear from the room in a strange way, even some trap regarding the task bar, according to our suspicions is that we can do it, taking into account a good argument, with reasons, since it will be at stake that we are expelled, it is also possible to deal with voting can be useful, this is based on the credibility that we have when expressing ourselves, we must take into account Take into account the fact that an impostor is also capable of holding this meeting, the number of meetings can be the ones we want to be hosts, it is important not to do it in vain, it must be for a specific situation, the instant of sabotage in the ship can be one of these great opportunities, but it needs to be our understanding. How to use the emergency meeting and we will have the answers in the following content entity.
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How to activate emergency meeting in Among Us?

 It is possible to find at this moment 3 areas in which we will find a red button, of the whole map we have that the busiest location is in The Skeld, we have it in the cafeteria at the beginning at Among Us, we also find it in the cafeteria of the headquarters and in Polus, what we will do is locate the button that tells us Emergency, we will see it in the central table written this word, by clicking on the use button we will be able to activate this option, we will see an image that is related to How to use the emergency meeting, when we achieve this we will find ourselves in a central discussion table having this issue in this regard, it is worth highlighting the aspects for which this meeting has been invoked.

 It will not be enough that we know how to use the emergency meeting, we must take into account the strategies to use, so if we see that there is someone under suspicion there is the option that we wait for them to do something more compromising in front of us and thus go to the cafeteria by the button so that it is eliminated, but we must take into account the fact that the impostor can come to realize this, causing a closing of doors with the purpose of killing us, being very simple for this if we are in the popular Skeld, if we see that the defendant does not turn out to be the culprit and is about to be expelled, it is possible to press the button at the moment of the countdown to vote against another suspect of being the imposter in Among Us, but there is something that can also happen and is that the impostor also came to know how to use the emergency meeting and that means that someone innocent was expelled and if of course we are the impostor it is something that we can I will use you in favor to cause distraction from a crime with evidence that we have committed somewhere in Among Us such as a corpse for example and this way it will not be found.

 It is clear that knowing how to activate emergency meeting allows us to have more fun in Among Us.

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