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Phasmophobia: How to Open Doors

2020-10-12 09:45:23

Phasmophobia has arrived and with it some interesting tasks, which allows us to tell you how to open doors, let's see.

What is the advantage of opening doors in Phasmophobia?

  Without a doubt this is a necessary task that we can carry out in this game and that allows us to have the possibility of locating a ghost, because the detail of this is that we get ourselves before the possibility that the doors are closed, what It will take us some work but in the end it is necessary, we cannot live all the time skipping some steps.
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    How to open doors in Phasmophobia?

     This is a very interesting process and this is because when we start a mission we are faced with the possibility that the door is closed, to unlock it it is only necessary to choose to go back to the desk where it will be necessary to take some time to check a key that is located near the keyboard, return to the door, insert it in the lock and then click with the right button to proceed to activate it, this same process of keeping the button pressed or the right trigger and proceed to move the camera to rotate the door can thus be easily opened all the others.

     Some doors can be tedious and not open, so we can be a bit drastic and choose to push them to pull them, in this way continue, this usually occurs for those that are not locked, however those that require a key make us start a process search, there is the possibility that some are closed in a forced way because the ghosts may be annoying and this simply leads us to wait a while while they calm down.

     Definitely, knowing how to open doors allows us to have the possibility of entering as many places as possible, as it is simply a necessary task that we can only carry out in Phasmophobia.

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