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2020-10-12 09:30:21

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Our guide today on Genshin Impact is specifically focused on telling you how to complete the Hidden Palace of Zhou's Formula.

What does it take to complete Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula in Genshin Impact?

  Knowing how to complete the Hidden Palace of Zhou's Formula is an important task that we need to perform in this game only that in order to carry it out it is necessary to have a minimum Adventure Rank level of 30, and an Abyssal Domain of at least 59 already that these leads us to have to make use of the cryogenic element, which is simply a complex task to carry out, but upon completion we get some artifacts that can simply be favorable.
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How to complete Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula in Genshin Impact?

 This is one of the Abyssal Domains that we get in this game, and that leads us to have to mobilize to the top of Wuwang Hill in Liyue, in this sense it is necessary to have a player who has skill with pyrotechnic element and one of the element Geo, in addition to Amber's fire arrows, because our main task here is to unlock the dungeon in order to get a way that allows us to access the interior of it, since we will have the option of looking for some torches for them. which are necessary to keep lit to open the sanctuary.


 There are specifically a total of 4 torches that we must light:


  •  First torch: To light it it is necessary to locate it and this is easy, since it is located next to the sealed geosantuario.
  • Second torch: To light it, it is necessary to climb the rock and proceed to slide through the barrier that obviously disappears when the torch is lit, as it usually sticks out of the ground.
  • Third torch: In order to light it, it is necessary to face some enemies, since this occurs on the cliffs on the south side of the sealed sanctuary, once we have defeated them it is possible to open the chest and proceed to light the torch.
  • Fourth torch: This is an interesting task since the torch can be lit from afar or from near, when doing it from afar it is necessary to use one of Amber's arrows, to get it it is only necessary to follow the blue spirit, with this we finish the lighting torches and allows us to use the geoelement ability in the sanctuary which allows us to unlock the Hidden Palace of Formula Zhou.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to complete the Hidden Palace of Zhou's Formula is a complex but necessary task that is only possible to carry out in Genshin Impact and you cannot pass up.

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